What to Discuss With Your Psychic Before Getting a New Pet

Published Date 7/12/2014
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Does your cat want a new pet?

Cats are fiercely independent and fickle creatures, with all the haughtiness of their wild brethren. They don't always take well to new animals, especially if you're introducing a new dog or another cat. Fortunately, with a few tips and the help of a skilled pet psychic, you can discover the best ways to introduce your feline to a new friend.

Anticipating Curiosity or Hostility

Cats generally react in a few ways when faced with change, be it a new environment or a new pet. Curiosity will not kill your cat, and it's actually the reaction you're looking for when you introduce a new animal into the home. It might take the form of snarky feline curiosity, but it's still positive. Then again, your kitty may react with outright hostility. That doesn't automatically mean your cat will forever hate the new pet, but it might become the primary emotion for a while.

Dealing with Feline Indifference

A new pet may also cause your cat to act indifferently. If the cat is indifferent to the new animal, you'll probably feel relief because there's no fighting, after all. Realize, however, that your cat's indifference may well extend toward you. Kitty may get very angry that you've brought this new creature into her home. At this stage, you should really let your cat psychic communicate with your feline. You can find out just how your cat feels, and how you can warm up that cold shoulder.

Trusting Your Animal's Instincts

Animal instincts are generally spot on, and cats are especially instinctual creatures. It's entirely possible that your current cat simply cannot get along with your new pet. At this stage, a live psychic reading between your cat, the new pet, and your pet communicator is a very good idea. This way you can discover if you're dealing with general feline dislike or a longer-lasting, deeper-seated hostility that won't go away on its own.

Facilitating a Smooth Transition

Your psychic can also help you figure out how to facilitate a smooth transition. This often begins with the introductions. Animals might get to know each other differently than humans, who don't routinely rub up against each other or sniff unmentionable areas, but they still deserve a proper introduction. This might involve putting the new puppy on a leash or in a carrier, so there's some control while your cat investigates. With a new cat, having one animal in a carrier at first can help you avoid any altercations.

Respecting the Territory

The cat was here first and you have to respect that territory. To further ease the transition, make sure your current cat keeps his or her territory. Set up another litter box for a new cat, and don't let the new dog take over your cat's toys or bed. Separate feeding stations as well, and teach the new animal to respect your cat's boundaries. However, don't let your kitty get away with overtly bad behavior either. It's all about respect.

Pets are part of the family, so making sure they're happy is essential. Animals can easily coexist, you just have to go about it the right way.


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