What's Your Dog Trying to Tell You? by Psychic Roxanna

Published Date 3/8/2014
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What's he thinking about?

It's no secret I'm a dog person. I love my dogs and they’re definitely an important part of the family. Dogs are social creatures and they'd love to have a conversation with you. They’re talking to you everyday!

Here are some pointers on reading "doggie language.” It's not hard. We as the human part of their pack only need to pay attention to their body language and the signals they’re giving us—the rest is easy.

Most of us know that a wagging tail means a dog is happy. But he or she can show a pretty good range of emotion with that tail: Held high, a wagging tail means, "I'm happy and alert. Life is good... let's play!" Low and slow says, "I'm confused. I'm questioning this situation. Help me out here." Dogs are very receptive to the intonation in our voices.

Between the legs signals the dog's fear and apprehension. Or they know they did something wrong and you’ve scolded them.
And, of course, fast wagging means, "I'm excited and happy! Glad to see you!"

If the hindquarters are also wagging, your dog may be feeling submissive.

I'm certain you know dogs have quite a range of vocal expressions. A high-pitched bark means your dog is agitated and getting upset. It will pitch higher the more concerned he or she becomes. Something may be wrong; take heed.

If he or she is barking low and more gruffly, it's a warning, like to an intruder or stranger.

A dog who's voicing a greeting will have a clearer, more bell-like tone to his or her bark. We all know this happy bark.

Ears and face
Your dog's ears will typically face forward, moving in the direction of the sounds they hear. He or she is alert and listening. If a dog's ears are flattened against his or her head, it's a warning. Ears down signal a dog is angry or upset. And if teeth are bared, your dog is warning you, "Don't mess with me."

The more you pay attention to your dog's cues, the more he or she can share with you. It's not rocket science. We owe this to our canine family members. Enrich the bond between you and "man's or woman's best friend" –your dog!
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Italianlady: Amazing.. M dog a Toy Poodle has been acting strange this past hour.Not with the ears or the tail wagging or barking. When I'm on computer(computer time is limited) he either on my bed or couch. We did play-time-walk time-cuddle time. Today is a strange moment. I couldn't find him wouldn't come when calling his name.. I found him in my spare bedroom on top of bed "sitting" he has never been on top of this bed in this room. I picked him up carried into living room, on my lap-then off my lap-on my lap off again. Walking around in a semi-huddled position. like scared!! Never did this before. He looks at me like he is trying to tell me something.. never saw this look before. He is healthy, full tummy, very happy dog..Then I get this horoscope "What your dog is trying to tell you"...Unbelieveable" Please do not publish on the web. Thank You

EFdf1221: Spot on! Thanks for the tips!

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