What's Love Got to Do with It? Everything! by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 2/14/2016
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Discover your love style with astrology!

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Love is the magical word. Everyone wants it but it doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody.

It’s complicated, frustrating and fabulous. It can inspire, heal and transform our lives. In the name of love we can be both idealistic and unrealistic. 

As humans we tend to give others what we want in love (sometimes unknowingly). To navigate this winding road, we must understand who we are and what our expectations are in love. Remember: We never fail in relationships. We only learn and through this personal wisdom we become stronger and better in the next relationship. 

To discover how love manifests for you and your loved one just look up your astrology sun sign. If you need help getting that information, call or chat with me at x8046 and I would be glad to help.

Love assets: People person, strong mental companion, believes in fair play
Love challenges: Erratic, emotionally detached, power and money-oriented
Love means: Friendship with a big heart
Love assets: Funny, open to exploring life, diverse
Love challenges: Scattered, doesn’t listen well, split personality
Love means: Having a fun-loving partner
Love assets: Great charm, thrives in relationships, fair-minded
Love challenges: Iron hand in a velvet glove, moody, co-dependent
Love means: Romantic, long-term partner
Love assets: Great kindness and compassion, spiritually oriented, generous
Love challenges: Emotions without boundaries, martyr/victim, abandonment issues
Love means: Romantic dream forever partner
Love assets: Nurturing, strong family emotions, generous
Love challenges: Passive-aggressive, insecure, moody
Love means: Warm, snuggly, devoted companion
Love assets: Deeply passionate, devoted, intuitive
Love challenges: Controlling, jealously issues, short temper, secretive
Love means: Emotional loyal partner
Love assets: Exciting adventurous spirit, excellent in emergencies, charming
Love challenges: “Me first” attitude, highly independent, quick temper
Love means: Love with an open hand
Love assets: Leads with grace, generous heart, loyal
Love challenges: Stubborn, power issues, angry if ignored
Love means: Loyal devoted partner
Love assets: Good teacher, optimistic, encouraging, funny
Love challenges: Direct in speech, know-it-all attitude, shows signs of bachelor/bachelorette
Love means: Relaxed “live and let live” partner
Love assets: Kind, steadfast, patient
Love challenges: Slow to respond, lazy, listens to you but does what they want to do
Love means: Lifetime partner with strong family ties
Love assets: Detail-oriented, a fixer, a true heart
Love challenges: Self-esteem issues, over thinks things, worries a lot
Love means: Loving partner who remembers the little things
Love assets: Steady, thinks long term, surprisingly sentimental
Love challenges: Quiet, poor at expressing romantic feelings, fear they’re not good enough
Love means: Lifetime partner who honors traditional values

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