What is a Cord of Attachment and When Should it be Cut? by Psychic Santos

Date 9/3/2014

Cut negative ties to renew the relationship (or get over an old one).

Cut negative ties to renew the relationship (or get over an old one).

What is a cord of attachment?

When you establish a relationship with someone (of any kind) you form two energetic structures with that person.  The first one is a structure containing the unconditional love and the soul-level bond between you two.  The second is a structure which contains all the negative patterns and dynamics of your relationship.  This is the one that we call the cord of attachment. This astral level attachment is not a positive structure.  You contribute negative patterns into that cord, and the other person does too.

Those patterns of emotion, thought and behavior circulate in that cord—until you cut it.  And that cord is connected to your aura, so the energies of the cord enter your aura 24/7 and affect you subconsciously in a variety of ways. Cords don’t just drain your energy; they send negative patterns back and forth between you both, and into your aura.  Traumas can circulate in them, leaving you feeling haunted by them.  They can also cause you to choose relationships and experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise because they predispose you to act in a certain way.

What happens when you cut a cord?

When you cut a cord of attachment, you’re lifting out and removing the negative behavioral, emotional and mental patterns that circulate between you and the other person.  If the cordee is still alive, then your relationship can improve as a result. But not just that – your overall personal power and clarity can improve.

If the cordee is dead or you’re not in contact, then it becomes a lot easier to put the negative aspects (and thoughts) of that particular relationship behind you.

Which cords should you cut?

We don’t form cords of attachment with everyone we come into contact with.  And I’ll always check before we cut a cord that it’s one worth cutting.

Here are the relationships that usually have a lot of impact when you cut a cord of attachment to that person:

•Cutting cords to close relatives, such as parents, children or siblings can make a significant impact on your emotions.
•When you have a cord to someone close to you who has (or has had) an addiction, such as alcoholism or drug abuse, it can make a real difference to your
aura when you take out that cord.
•Cutting cords to abusers and bullies can be impactful, whether the abuse was emotional, verbal, sexual, or physical.
•Cutting cords to someone you’ve had a difficult break up with can be helpful.
•Cutting cords to a current spouse or partner can be helpful too, especially if you’re having difficulties in the relationship.
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brendae4138: So what is the proper way to cut the cord when it it necessary to release all negativity?

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