What Happens After a Breakup on Social Media?

Date 5/24/2022
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Know how to handle social media carefully after a breakup to minimize the fallout.

Know how to handle social media carefully after a breakup to minimize the fallout.

Social media makes the delicate process of a breakup more difficult than ever. This guide will help you navigate some of the trickiest parts while protecting yourself from any unnecessary pain.

Making the Announcement

Making your single status public opens you up to a slew of comments and reactions from others — both positive and negative. If you're not yet committed to breaking up and may only be taking a break, hold off on any official status changes.

If you'd prefer to avoid the feedback from your singlehood, you can hide your status altogether. You can also deactivate your account as soon as you change your status. This will give you a clean single status when you return, but rob onlookers of the opportunity to comment in the immediate aftermath of your breakup.

Handling Your Ex

To unfriend or not to unfriend? This really depends on the nature of your breakup and your relationship going forward. If you don't plan to see or talk to your ex in the future, it's usually best to unfriend them. If you hope to stay friends but seeing your ex's posts and photos still stings, consider muting or unfollowing them. This will keep them out of your feed while leaving them on your friends list.

Adjusting Your Other Relationships

You likely have social media connections that you've made through your ex. In the days or weeks after your breakup, you'll need to consider what the status of these relationships should be going forward. Feel free to unfriend anyone that you simply don't want to associate with now. This may include your ex's parents or other family members. If you still associate with these individuals but don't want to keep up with their posts, you can always unfollow or mute them instead.

Evaluating Your Social Media Activity

It's often a good idea to take a break from social media following a breakup. Unless you block people, you will still run the risk of falling into an easy habit of stalking their accounts to see how they're doing. You may also feel pressure to present a certain image with your posts after a breakup when what you really need is to nurture yourself and step out of the public light.

Maintaining Real Connections

Don't let social media serve as your primary connection to the outside world after a breakup. Talk to friends and family. Enlist a support system if you're struggling. Try chatting with a phone psychic for a welcome look at some of the things you have to look forward to. A love tarot reading can help remind you that you will find love again. Step away from the social world and engage face-to-face to speed your recovery.

While social media can certainly add a new layer of difficulty to your breakup, it's important to remember that you can always step away. Deactivate your account, delete the apps, and take the time you need to serve no one but yourself.


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