What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Bedroom Skills?

Published Date 7/14/2019
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What the stars say about your sex life may surprise you

If your interest in zodiac signs is a quick glance at your horoscope in the morning paper, it may come as a surprise to learn that your zodiac sign can tell you so much more. Not only can it give you an insight into your day ahead, but just like a psychic, it can also unveil fascinating insight into your personality traits. Those traits extend to your bedroom skills. Whether you’re a flirtatious Gemini or a romantic Leo, your zodiac sign can influence your sex life far more than you may realize. Here’s what you need to know.


You can take or leave the emotional side to sex. It’s all about physical gratification, and if that means skipping foreplay to get down to it, that’s fine. Experimentation in the bedroom keeps you interested.


Eroticism and romance are important to you. You’re keen to please, but demand a similar amount of attention. Sensuality comes easy for you.


It’s hard for you to stay quiet in the bedroom. The only thing you perhaps like better than talking erotically to your partner is when you include toys in the action. The kinkier, the better for you.


You’re all about the emotion. A sentimental lover, you probably have a long list of fantasies you’re dying to turn into reality. You don’t give to receive, and making sure you satisfy your partner is important to you.


You’re an artist who views every jaunt under the covers as an opportunity to perform and entertain. Wildly passionate, you’re not afraid to whisk your partner into the bedroom for spontaneous fun.


Gentle is not in your vocabulary. You like to explore your partner’s entire body and very rarely will you leave a spot untouched. Fetishes and fantasies are part of your sexual makeup.


You’re sensual and seductive but lighthearted about sex. Intense emotion is unlikely, but you’re artistic in the bedroom and not averse to a little adventure.


You like to dominate in bed and sex is an all-or-nothing primal kind of activity to you. You often find that pleasure and pain are one and the same thing in the bedroom.


Energetic and feisty, you’re the kind of lover who leaves the sheets in a crumpled mess beside the bed. You’re keen to explore your fantasies and those of your partner.


You get bored easily in the bedroom, so novelty is the key to getting and keeping your attention. You demand greatness from your partner but aren’t afraid to offer it back in return.


An unpredictable lover, sex for you is playful and you tend to separate emotions from sex. You’re talented in your own right, but don’t mind adding role play and toys into the mix.


You’re into the spiritual side of sex and are partial to a little pillow talk. Although demure in the bedroom, you’re keen to explore eroticism and the sexual side of your personality.

If you’d like to understand more about how the zodiac affects your love life, you can check which zodiac signs offer the most appealing sexual compatibility. When you understand the type of partner who you can make fireworks with, why not discuss your results with a love psychic? You never know, they may tell you where to find your perfect match.


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