What Do People Think of You? by Psychic Kelley

Published Date 3/4/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

How much do the opinions of others matter to you?

“True spirituality is being empowered in who you really are, not someone else's idea of who you should be.” -Cheryl Lee Harnish

We all do it. We're all prone to wondering, “What does so-and-so think/feel of me?” Just this evening I caught myself checking my “ratings.” Did so-and-so like me?

May I get straight to the point? It doesn’t matter. To put it bluntly, it's actually no one's business what people think about one another. This is your reading, between you, your higher spirit and yourself, to empower you.

“What do I think of me?” 

Now we're talking. Once one accepts all aspects—the light, the dark and everything in between—life becomes much easier. Now, I'm not advocating accepting the anger within to justify harming another or accepting the daisies within to justify feeling spiritually enlightened. Quite the opposite. When you accept your thoughts and emotions, you can look at myself honestly, objectively and choose to transform (if that serves your higher ideal). When you accept the “happy fluffiness” within, then you’re free to wear your flowers with pride and humility.

When I'm not accepting, I'm likely to repress emotions, and now the anger and happy cells are playing hide and seek with one another. In their hiding places, the energies in motion remain stagnant. Emotions are meant to flow; eventually, they’ll come out. I'd hate to see those daisies forced into a boxing match. So once you’ve lightly tapped judgment on the shoulder, you can live authentically. And that's the higher calling—the judgment card.

We all want to be loved by others. We're social creatures living in community; no one exists in isolation. When you want to know what he or she thinks of you, get a 4-card reading, one card for each question:

   1. What aspect of myself prevents me from asking the other person involved? 
   2. Of what am I afraid? 
   3. Why do I think that is? 
   4. What can I do about it?

If you still need to know what this person thinks of you, ask the guides. Be prepared to answer these questions: Are you willing to change? What aspect of yourself would you change? Would this change make you a better person, living up to your ideal? How would this change make you feel about yourself? What if Leroy doesn't like something about you that serves you well? What if Leann has already told you she “likes” you? Do you not trust her words? How do you honestly feel about Sam?”

We want our relationships to work. I use tarot to uncover aspects about yourself—not the other person—so that you can live up to your highest potential, and create the best relationship for YOU; a relationship which you deserve.
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