Weed the Bad Apples Out of Your Life by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 11/17/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Can you think of the bad apple in your life?

There is always one bad apple in the bunch, and it’s time to stop feeding that bad apple miracle grow!

They can be found at your job, your school, or even in your family. There’s always one person that can ruin that good vibe for everyone. Fortunately, if the bad apple’s in your workplace or classroom you can steer clear of them. However, family is different, and blood is thicker than water. 

99% of the time, when there’s a bad apple in the family, it comes down to money. This person usually needs help, but you’re tired of helping them time and time again. It’s a shame when the bad apple becomes rotten, but this is a huge red flag.

The biggest challenge is that helping someone comes from the goodness of your heart, and if it’s family, you want to do everything you can. But if you become weary of having to help, your gut is telling you something’s wrong. If you’re aware of this, it’s time to do something different. 

Continuing to help this person will only leave you more and more drained. You become more upset with this person, ultimately giving them the negative energy to feed off of. It’s more positive to stop and let that person take care of him or herself. Sometimes tough love can be is the way to go! 

The last step is to remind this person of the good things he/she is doing to promote a more positive path. There are tribes that handle issues this way: Instead of making the tribal member feel bad for what was done wrong, they put this person in the center of a circle and remind him/her of all the good he/she has accomplished and can accomplish in the future. Now, imagine if we came together as a tribe and did the same thing! 

Then we would make candy apples—food for thought!

Blessed be.
Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

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