We All Perceive the World Differently: How to Deal

Date 6/28/2019

Individual differences don't have to lead to disagreements

Individual differences don't have to lead to disagreements

From family and friends to colleagues and strangers, everyone sees the world a little differently than you do. You may have a lot of viewpoints in common with your closest friends, but no two people see eye to eye all of the time. Just because you can’t agree on everything doesn’t mean you should dismiss others’ points of view. Whether you’re an optimist interacting with a pessimist or a progressive debating with a conservative, here’s how to understand other people’s points of view and keep an open mind at all times.

Know That Yours Isn’t the Only Side

When you’re in the thick of an argument with someone who just can’t seem to agree with any of your points, you might be tempted to win over the other person with a convincing, fact-based argument. However, it’s important to remember that your viewpoint isn’t the only right one, and there are often countless other sides that are as justified as your own. Keep in mind that everyone is shaped by their own history and experiences, which may cause others to think very differently than you do.

Ask About Alternate Viewpoints

It isn’t unusual to want others to understand where you’re coming from or to want to convince others to think the same way. If you spend too much time doing this, however, you’ll never have the chance to ask others about their viewpoints. Rather than assuming how others think or why they have a certain viewpoint, ask them for their perspective instead. This way, you’re bound to open your mind and find more common ground.

Practice Patience

As the best psychics can tell you, patience goes a long way toward achieving open-mindedness. The next time you feel misunderstood, whether it’s during a casual conversation or a heated argument, resist the temptation to defend yourself or to declare the other person’s viewpoint invalid. Instead, practice patience. Listen to the other person carefully, ask meaningful questions, and know that you may also be guilty of misunderstanding.

Stop Thinking in Black and White

The fact that others may perceive the world differently than you do doesn’t make either of you wrong. In fact, such black-and-white thinking can prevent you from opening your mind to other viewpoints. Rather than searching for right and wrong ideas or focusing on disagreements, try finding common ground instead. From there, you may be able to discover where and why you disagree, which has the potential to be much more illuminating.

Don’t Demand Uniformity

Finding common ground and feeling united can create powerful bonds. However, it’s important to remember that unity doesn’t mean similarity in all respects. Strive to celebrate differences and give others room to be individuals, and your open-mindedness will create even stronger bonds.

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