Want Your Ex Back? This Works! by Psychic Maya

Date 9/2/2022
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Write your ex a letter... but don't send it!

Write your ex a letter... but don't send it!

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Break-ups are not fun. They can wreck your entire world and cause great confusion. It is especially painful if you were not ready for it to be over. You gave your heart openly and freely only to be left wondering if they ever felt the same way. Was it all a lie?

You feel like it was real, and if you can just say the right thing, they will open up to you again. Perhaps, they are running away in fear and they just need to realize how much they still love you. These are common thoughts and feelings after a breakup. The question to ask yourself is, do you really want your ex back? Was this a relationship that fulfilled you or was it a constant source of trying? If this is truly a person you want in your life, keep reading.

Getting Your Ex Back

There are certain things that work and definite things that NEVER work when trying to get your ex back. I will go over both. It will take some effort on your part, but these steps work. Besides, if you are still reading this, then it is worth it to have them in your life again, right?
First, stop obsessing about them. When you notice you are missing them, just allow yourself to miss them and send them love (with your attention.)

Begin by placing your hands on your heart and taking three deep breaths into your heart. Don't try to text them, email them or call them with the hopes of saying the one thing that will change their mind. Just stop. 

Instead, get a piece of paper and write them a letter saying everything you want to say.  Then, DON'T SEND IT. Even if it is the best letter you've ever written, don't send it. You must be strong during this stage.

Next, lean back into your center. Change your posture so your arms are open and you are leaning back into yourself more. Then, get in touch with what you want.

Work on You

Make YOU a happier healthier version of yourself. Get back to the person they fell in love with. No one feels attracted to a needy person that is not happy with themselves.

Take a new class, do what makes you feel sexy, dress up, flirt, move your body, or try something different. When you feel sexy, they will not be able to resist you. It starts with getting out of your old self. Even if all you feel like doing is going to bed and disappearing, give it a try.

When they move toward you, lean back even more. Don't jump on them like a hyper puppy. Take your time. Allow them to pursue you, this is part of the fun. Let them enjoy it.

Keep it up. Enjoy your new you and your new life.

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