Using Spirit Guides to Find Love by Psychic Carmaleena

Published Date 2/23/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Find the love you've been waiting for.

Do you have an inner knowing that you are meant to be in a love relationship but it just doesn’t seem to happen?  Then, because it isn’t happening you may waver back and forth about whether or not you’re being delusional about your feelings and desires.

The most important thing here is that you have this sense or knowing, as stated above, that there is a special someone out there that you want to share your life with.  You’re not just having “wishful thinking.”  Especially if you keep having the desire to meet someone special.  In other words, you’re correct in your feelings that you’re meant to be a “couple” with someone.

What can you do to make your desires a reality?  

First, you should become aware that we are living in a spiritual and energetic world.  So, it’s important to approach your desire of wanting to be with your special someone from this point of view.  Even if you’ve been praying (which is great) and things haven’t materialized, then it may be time to switch gears.

All humans have spirit guides.  We all come to the earth plane with at least two.  One is a guardian angel, or guide, and the other is a companion spirit that guides us on our life path.  But, most of us have a lot more than two guides.  Some of the guides come to us from the other side after passing from this life and can stay with us throughout our lifetime.  Other guides come in and out of our lives as our needs arise.

When you interact with your guides, it’s important to realize that they’re here to be of service to you.  It isn’t like we can demand that they help us, but they’re connected to us in order to take our requests seriously and to give us help so that positive things happen.

Remember that they sometimes deliver their messages in subtle ways.  So, it’s very important to be in tune with their guidance.  For example, you may be feeling or thinking about going somewhere on a given day.  Or you may have a strong sense that you’re going to meet your special someone in a certain environment.  Or you may get a visual confirmation of some sort.

Every time you acknowledge that they’re working on your behalf, the quicker things will happen for you.  It isn’t that they have to have our approval, but by acknowledging their input, we help to escalate the desired result.

May your blessings be wondrous and plentiful.
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