Using Astrology to Help You Plan a Trip

Published Date 9/27/2017
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Astrology makes travel more fulfilling.

Planning a trip takes a lot of work, but while you're making a checklist for packing and forming an itinerary, why not add a little something extra? Using astrology to put together your trip can help ensure a smooth, seamless holiday. The stars can help you get the most out of your excursion, whether you're taking a family vacation or going away for business.

Check the Houses before Leaving the House

The astrological Houses are your first step in using astrology to plan your vacation. Your astrology psychic will likely begin with a look at the Houses anyway, so you can rest assured that they'll play a part in helping you. There are twelve houses in total, and each one will show something different about your vacation.

For example, you can look to the first House to find out the best reason for your trip, which will further help you find fulfillment or create goals. The second House helps with your finances, and you can think about entertainment with the fifth House. Doing all of this can basically ensure the best possible vacation or business trip. You can find out if any problems are likely to arise and, if so, you may even change your plans.

Study the Stars Before Taking Off

The particular positions of the planets and stars are important considerations as well. This is similar to the reading of the Houses, but different because the planets reveal more about how you're feeling and what may happen. Using planetary meanings and positions, your astrologer can:

  • Discover how much energy you'll have, using Mars
  • Study Jupiter to learn more about your ambition
  • And read up on Uranus to see what kind of surprises are in store during your vacation

Use Your Sign to Pick a Spot

When you get a psychic telephone reading before your trip, your psychic will definitely ask you about your sign. This is important, because your particular astrological sign can tell you a lot about what kind of vacation you'll most enjoy. To that end, it's a good idea to share the astrological details of anyone going with you as well.

You'll learn things you never imagined, such as whether your sign makes you interested in exotic destinations or cozy, comfy places. For example, if you're an Aquarius, you probably like to explore, so if you're traveling with an energetic Aries, you're perfectly paired traveling companions. You may discover that you're better off sticking closer to home, as well, or you could learn that this trip might completely change your life.

Opposites vs. Attractions

Learning about all these factors can change the course of your vacation. You might decide to go completely against the grain. If your sign paints you as a homebody, for instance, then you may make the choice to go in the opposite direction and venture out into the unknown world. Then again, based on what you learn, you may change the details of your trip so that it matches up with what the stars revealed to you.

Whatever you choose to do with your reading, it will make for a more fulfilling trip. Are you ready to book your tickets?


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