Unproductive Thought Processes - A Tale of the Thanksgiving Ham by Psychic Gwendolyn

Date 10/20/2020
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Can you think of things you do that you can't explain why?

Can you think of things you do that you can't explain why?

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A woman lovingly and meticulously begins to bake a ham for her family for Thanksgiving. She carefully cuts the ends off both sides of the ham, just as she had watched her mother do for unnumbered years. It bakes and is resplendent, perfectly glazed and tender… Time for a feast! 

Her little girl comes to the counter where the ham rests, plops on a chair and says “Mmmm! Looks yummy Mama, but why do we cut the ends off the ham each time before we bake it?” The mother looks at the ham and realizes that she has no idea WHY she does this, just that her mother had always done that, so she had done it as well...

“I don’t know little one, let me call Grandma and ask her why.”

The phone rings. “Hey Mom! I have a quick question… Why do we cut the ends off of a ham before baking it?”

The mother says “You know, I’m not sure why… Let me call your grandma…” 

The grandmothers phone rings. “Hi Mom, I’ve got a question for you… Why do we cut the ends off of a ham before baking it?”

The Great grandmother laughs and says “Oh honey, I always cut the ends off because I only had a very small roasting pan that never fit a whole ham, so I
cut the ends off!”

The phone drops to the floor and everyone has a good chuckle about this!

Rethink What You Know
This story about a family and their ham is a parable for life. How many things do you think, believe and DO that are not things you actively chose, but were just the things you were brought up thinking and believing based on the people who came before? (And, side note, how much HAM was wasted by this family??)

It is time for a paradigm shift. Time to really take a look around and ask yourself some questions.

Which thought processes benefit you and add to your life? 
Which could be discarded? 
Which are unnecessary or of no use?

A Tarot Reading can introduce you to new ways to think and approach something, but if you are invested in an unhealthy or unrewarding thought process, you won’t receive much benefit from it. If what you are wanting is a way to re-THINK something that has not been working, then Tarot is the PERFECT thing! It is beautiful in its simplicity and straightforward answers, but it cannot make you see the baking of “the ham” any differently until you open your eyes. Look inside. Recognize what is unproductive and wasteful and be willing to change.

Don’t keep “cutting” things from yourself. Don’t edit the beautiful, intelligent, curious and open-minded child within. Always ask questions. Always look for answers. They are found in an ancient deck of cards ready to give you all the insight you need. Be open to a new way of thinking that will be rewarding and fulfilling. 

It is your time for answers… Are you asking the right questions?

Happy Thanksgiving and now you can stop throwing out the ends of that delicious holiday ham!

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