Universal Symbols in Dreams and What They Mean

Published Date 7/24/2014
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Even the strangest dream symbols have meaning

Have you ever had a weird dream and wondered if it meant anything? Well, there are actually several common symbols in dreams that can provide insight about your life. Take a look at these six universal symbols and what they could mean.


Animals represent your good and bad traits. Perhaps a woman has a bad day and binge eats an entire carton of ice cream to feel better. That night, she dreams that she’s on a farm, watching a disgusting pig eating non-stop. Then, she realizes that the pig is eating ice cream. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the pig represents. Of course, not all dreams about animals are this clear-cut. That’s why you should involve the help of a phone psychic to help you figure out what the symbols in your dreams represent.

Unusual Clothing

Clothing represents your mood, which makes sense, since people wear different outfits for different situations, like work, dating, and other social occasions. Similarly, people wear different colors for different moods, such as black for funerals and white for weddings. Maybe you've had a dream where you wore camouflage. The camouflage could represent the feeling of wanting to hide from a situation or being scared. Being naked is also a symbol of being embarrassed or vulnerable.

Tall Mountains

Mountains represent obstacles. For example, a man decides to go for a walk and comes to a mountain. He must decide whether to climb it, turn around, or look for some other way to interact with the mountain. This could represent a situation in his life where he has to make a decision about something big, like a job or relationship.

Large Bodies of Water

Large bodies of water represent the subconscious mind. Turbulent water indicates unsettled emotions, while calm water indicates being content. Of course, dreams about drowning are an entirely different matter. Drowning typically represents the fear of being overcome by something.

Fire and Burning

Fire can represent a variety of things, ranging from cleansing to destroying. For example, if a man dreams about his house burning down, his office building burning down, and any another significant place in his life going up in flames, then the dream could mean that this man is looking for new direction in his life, since everything he currently knows is being destroyed. Similarly, smoke is a warning sign that something is going to be destroyed.

Weather Patterns

Weather represents an overall indication of a person’s life. For example, stormy weather means a person is dealing with difficult times, while sunny, blue skies indicate a person is in a period of contentment. Natural disasters can also represent chaos and the need for making difficult decisions and changes in life.

These are just a few of the universal symbols we find in dreams. Others include automobiles for changing directions in life; children for joyous occasions and new beginnings; and food for knowledge. If you’ve had any dreams you can't make sense of, you should seek the help of an online psychic for interpretation.


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