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Published Date 8/2/2015
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Have you found your Twin Flame?

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If you are in a relationship where you have one person going back and forth with you there is a reason why. When a person meets their Twin Flame it is a very intense experience, the feelings alone that one feels are mind boggling. Now this does happen with women however, it is usually on the part of the male that does the running.

Men vs. Women
Men are conditioned that emotions are a sign of weakness and so they stuff them in many areas of their lives. When it comes to a man meeting his twin flame and they start stiffing their emotions what they have done is effectively put too much popcorn into the kettle. Meaning at some point they will overflow. 

Going round and round…
For those of you that are caught in this cycle, have no fear and have faith that spirit is behind the scene making the connection happen. It will try your patience to say the least. I have seen flame runners go as far to get married to the wrong person to avoid their feelings only to come back to the right person to have that special relationship that is so rare. Twin flames are connecting now more than ever right now as the planet needs the energy and the love that only twin flames can produce when they are together.

Bringing the Flame into Your Life
Here is one way to speed up your time frame and get you flame runner coming to you. All twin flames have a cord that runs between the heart chakras. One can take a deep breath and on the exhale send your love and healing to your other half. If you are wondering how they are feeling about you reverse it. On the inhale, pull how they are feeling about you through the cord. 

Now I may sound crazy but I am have faith that if you try this you will definitely see change in your relationship and not wonder where you stand. However, the lesson of patience might still be there but one is a much better place when they have faith. 

Never give up on love, it is out there for everyone!

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hopeful2221: I met my twin flame in 2009. We reconnected many times. I am now living 3000 miles away from him. However, I am doing some work with twinflame healers. They are on you tube and have paid to do a personal session with them. It seems to be helping the energy. I now know what to work on, and how to help him and myself. I am visiting his area in Aug. Hopefully, we will connect and cannot wait to see his reaction. I too, have talked to many psychics. This is the hardest part of my life ever, and do not wish this on anyone. However, I still have hope with this man.

5jlkhsu: Omg, I went to all psychics even in person, all said me and my partner are tein flames. I googled what it meant.. oh, it is us. We met 12 yrs ago in a cemetery, we were both married.. Went to dinner then completely lost contact because we were both not available. Then last year, my sister n my brother in law went to cemetery and saw him. They told him, I am a widow . Lost my husband 5 yrs ago..then we reconnected January this yr. he has been divorced for 10 yrs. now we are both available , omg, our chemistry and connection is unreal.. It's almost scary, so much in common. Dates, birthdays , unreal. Enviable connection. All psychics I went to, said we are twin flames,,, then June 22', he became the runner in our twin flame relation... Out of the blue, he texted me and said we are colling off, thismis after we just has,a very nice nice dinner 2 days ago, omg, I was crushed and heartbroken.... So far he texted me twice saying we need to sit down and have face to face talk... Up to this day more than a month already.. No set date yet to meet up... I read and research all,about twin flame, it is definitely Us. .. So wait and see what happens...

Lasman: This is so true Morganna. It took my twin flame 3 years from 2009-2012 to make this realization, married the wrong person and came back to me better than ever. It seemed like this was a dream, but it did indeed happen. My life was so miserable without him for those 3 years and I tried my best to deal and move on. I was calling Psychic Source so often, I was a VIP to some. I was told to give up he had moved on and only a few stated that he would come back. So I let go and surely enough, he came back. But now it is so much better, maybe if you let them go fully and they come back they are truly yours. I am not only a true believer but also a witness to this divine spiritual flame experience.

dancer1027: Great article Morganna. I haven't heard from mine in 6 months. I am going to try to do what you suggest and hope i hear from him soon.

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