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Published Date 10/9/2018
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Have you discovered your soul mate?

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A soul’s journey is rarely a straight line and can sometimes be a convoluted one.  We twist and grow, like a knotted, gnarled oak, trying to face what is both inside of us as well as outside in the world. 

Have you ever felt like a part of you is missing or is somehow not complete?  You may have a twin flame and they have yet to reveal themselves.    

What is the Difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames? 
Soul mates can come in many forms, not necessarily romantic.  They are people who touch your life in an intense, deeply connected way, more so than your average friend or family member.  These connections are meaningful, and most of the time, happen instantaneously.  A soul mate will understand you on a level that no one else can because your souls have traveled through time together, meeting up at different, meaningful stages of your life.  

This can be a romance, a family member, or a best friend.  It can be someone you have just met that instantly inspires trust and understanding in a way no stranger ever should.  Soul mates bring deeper, more meaningful understanding of our place in the universe and where we are in our soul’s journey.  Some soul mates are present throughout our lives while others are only here for a little while, helping us grow and prepare for the next stage.    

Twin Flames are Something Else Entirely  
Twin Flames are a special, rare experience that unfortunately not everyone will get to have. They result from when one spirit long ago separated into two halves.  Twin flames can come and go throughout different lifetimes and may not even connect in some of your experiences.  If during a specific life one or both of you are not at a stage of maturity to accept the other, then it can even be a difficult and painful occurrence to find your twin flame. Your souls feel they should be together, but for whatever reason they are not ready for the reunification.    

Sometimes twin flame meetings can overwhelm one or both parties. One person may be afraid because the other sees too deeply into their soul, leaving them feeling vulnerable and raw.  That person might choose to run instead of facing what makes this connection so intense.  This can leave the other person confused and bereft at the loss, even if it is only a first meeting, resulting in self-doubt and unhappiness.    

There is a theory that twin flames can only reunite in a lasting relationship when both souls are ready to move on from this plane of existence. So, if you’ve met someone and had an intense reaction that makes no rational sense, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason behind it. It might be something that you aren’t ready for or don’t fully comprehend yet.  Give yourself time to grow and learn.  If the person is truly a soul mate or twin flame, they will come back to you when you’re both ready.  
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