Twin Flame Relationships - The Ultimate Connection

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Have you met your twin flame?

The twin flame energies are coming together all over the place for everyone who is awakened on a spiritual path to a higher level of consciousness. The world is changing for the better and people are coming together to make the right positive changes with LOVE! The twin flame connection is the most divine love of all when it comes to relationships. Therefore, by coming together with your twin flame, you are putting that divine loving energy into the universe just by being together. 

Finding Your Balance
However, these relationships are not easy. You will feel the strong magnetic connection and pull to each other from the start. What everyone calls the “honeymoon phase” will begin which is where everything seems perfect. You both will want to spend all your time together. You will realize that you balance each other out by having a lot of the same interests, however, what works for you may work differently for your partner because you are two halves (masculine/feminine). You may have a trait at 90% where as your partner only has it at 10% which is why you balance each other out. You can bring that percentage up to 50/50 by working together. 

Don’t be Afraid
There is a cleansing fire energy that roars between twin flames. Once reality and life hits and it makes it hard for you two to spend time together, there is also one partner who becomes fearful. One partner will try and back out of the relationship because of this fear. So what do you do if you know you have the twin flame connection and this happens? All you really can do is back off of your partner. The more you try to push for you two to be together or try to push your feelings, the more you are pushing your partner into experiencing more fear. This will make your partner back off even more. 

Focus on Yourself
The best way to handle this situation (because it will happen, as it does with all twin flames) is to focus on yourself. Start meditating! Keep yourself busy and happy! This is harder than it may seem because you will feel so drawn to your partner. You will want to reach out! You will want to worry and hurt because you are so desperate to keep your partner to make this relationship work. 

If it is your twin flame, no matter what, you will reconnect again in perfect timing. By staying happy, you are putting that good loving energy into the Universe which will help attract your partner to you so you two can reconnect as quickly as possible. Twin flame relationships are worth waiting for through this separation. 

Stay Strong, and wait for perfect timing!

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