Treating Your Children Fairly and Equally

Published Date 8/29/2013
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Treating your children fairly and equally

You might have more than one child and constantly tell them that you love them equally, but how do you treat them? Even as they transition from kids to adults, it's important to maintain a sense of equality when it comes to parenting your children. This can prevent sibling rivalries and help you maintain familial relationships.

One way to ensure that you're always treating your kids fairly and equally is to go into detail when resolving a conflict, according to Instead of simply exercising discipline, make sure your kids understand why they're in the wrong and admit to any mistakes you may have made along the way. This can keep you and your children on a level playing field.

Psychology Today magazine also stresses that it's important to avoid treating your children differently because of their ages. While you might be inclined to give your older child more responsibility, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and explain them to your younger kid.

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