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How to Improve Your Relationship By Transforming Yourself: A Guided Meditation Podcast by Psychic Gaia

Date 11/23/2022
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The dance of life often involves conflicts and challenges in relationships. You might be surprised to discover that "how to improve a relationship" may not take two to tango!

The tango is a romantic, dramatic, and complex dance, done with a partner. “It takes two to tango” is a slang saying used most often in reference to arguments or conflicts and implies that both parties are equally responsible.

Two to Tango

Does it Really Take Two to Tango?

Relationships are the most asked-about topic of all psychic readings. One of the top searches online today is, “how to save a relationship”.  So many people are looking for ways they can get their mates to change. You may be surprised to discover that to find the best answer to the question, “how to improve your relationship” is instead to search for, “how to better yourself.” Being the change you want to see in others is the key. If you are frustrated by your mate’s behavior and they are unwilling to participate in the dance of change, take heart. It is possible to improve your relationships without the other party. Because the last thing you want to do is find yourself in a toxic relationship with no easy way out. 

Many of us engage in relationships on auto pilot. If we are hurt by another, we lash back. We try to get them to apologize or try to get them to change. What we are not realizing is that the purpose of relationships is to evolve us. Your mates, dates, friends & family members are constantly giving you opportunities to discover how to change yourself for the better, not them.

You might be asking, “What steps can I take to improve my relationship?” The first thing to understand is that when others upset you, and trigger your fears, insecurities, or anger, they are merely shining a light on areas you need to heal. If you find that you keep “dating the same person with a different face”, your soul is revealing your core wounds and is giving you opportunities to heal them. What goes on in your life is actually a “feedback loop” for what is going on in your inner realms. When you are dealing with people or loved ones who reject you, do not receive you, or are criticizing you harshly, look within.

Rejected Love

Often, we internalize critical, verbally abusive messages from childhood and whip ourselves mercilessly with them. When you treat yourself this way, you will experience abuse, exploitation, and rejection from others. Shoving this pain away or denying it will only result in more painful experiences.

Also what we believe to be true, is true, for us. Whatever we focus on and believe to be true, will be reflected back to us. If you feel unlovable you will see reams of evidence to support this. You will just continue to rerun and recycle all pain and awareness that you are denying, avoiding, or resisting, until you finally heal them. What is going on inside us will then be projected outside of us in our experiences. This feedback loop is intended to inform us, for course correction. The exciting thing is that when you heal your past, your relationships will change in the present. When you change your inner game, you will see your outer movie changed for the better.

When you have trapped trauma in your cellular memory or if you do not resolve the emotions around the traumatic or upsetting events, you will recycle through these events again and again until you do. You will draw in people with similar dynamics as the original perpetrators in your life, and you will be subjected to repeats of the same themes. This is to give you the opportunity to resolve these issues, it is not punishment.

When we reveal the belief systems that keep us bound to our suffering and change our thoughts and beliefs to align with our desired outcomes, we will begin to experience the outcomes we desire. When we heal our emotional wounds from our past and clear trapped trauma from our bodies, we liberate ourselves from replaying these events again. Our mates no longer behave in ways that trigger us (to reveal what needs to be healed), and if they do, we are no longer triggered by their behavior. We are souls having a holographic experience on planet Earth. If you change a part of this experience, the whole experience changes.

Healing Your Core Wounds

Healing Your Core Wounds is Easier Than You Think

You do not even need to relive, dredge up, or crawl back over the broken glass of your past. The fastest way to improve your current relationships, or to draw in an ideal mate, is to work with this Blocking Belief Systems & Trauma Clearing exercise.  How does this work?

The following is a Guided Meditation to clear traumatic and upsetting memories, thoughts, and energies from your body, mind, and spirit. Use it for all things minor and major showing up in your life. Try to trace them back to similar events in childhood to really clear it at its root. The podcast meditation will enable you to resolve these trapped emotions once and for all. You will no longer be triggered by these traumas, fears & hot spots, and you will find yourself back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

This is a “power tool” if you use it. If you find you need more support than this, I can lead you through a Guided Meditation using NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) in a 20-minute call that is even more powerful (come prepared with the themes of your core wounds or it will take longer).

You deserve to revel in your relationships and experience the love you deeply desire from your mate. This is the fastest path to get you there.

May your Journey be Blessed in all ways,

Gaia x3559



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Gaia was born awake, aware, and highly empathic and was plunged into very energetically, psychologically, and emotionally challenging circumstances. Her life journey honed her psychic abilities and amplified her passion to empower others with information to facilitate success in their soul missions. Her drive for finding keys to rapid transformation motivated her to pursue a summa cum laude in Social Psychology. She was able to participate in graduate-level cutting-edge research opportunities revealing how we create our own realities, overseen by the Dean of the department. Gaia continues to be a voracious researcher, seeking to discover mental, physical & spiritual answers to human issues for: clearing trauma, resolving mental health issues, addictions and overcoming personal, professional, and relationship challenges. Gaia’s focus is on actualizing human potential, liberating people from their limiting beliefs, facilitating breakthroughs & creating successful outcomes.


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