Toxic Friendships Part 3: The Psychic Vampire by Psychic Clare

Published Date 7/31/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Have a friend who makes you physically tired?

Do you find that you feel unusually exhausted after spending time with someone in your life?  At first, you may not suspect that the tiredness is related to that person.  You may think, “Oh, I must not have slept well last night,” or “I had a hard day at work.” But after a while, you begin to see a pattern.  You realize that being around this person leaves you feeling positively drained!  That’s what a psychic vampire does; they literally suck the energy out of you, but it’s very rarely on purpose.  Most of them aren’t even aware that they’re doing it and would be hurt if you said so.
Here are some clues that you are involved with a psychic vampire:  

Like the drama queen, everything is always about them!  But, the vampire doesn’t consciously demand attention.  Rather, this personality type is just extremely emotionally needy.  They’re insecure and need continual reassurance.  They tend towards depression and often require cheering up.  They may insist that everyone else is mean to them and that you’re their only friend.  According to them, nobody else listens or understands them—except for you.   The vampire may seem like a nice enough person, but when YOU need a friend or a shoulder to cry on, they won’t help because they don’t know how to give (only to take).  And if you’re ever weary of giving, you become one of the “mean” people. So, what to do about queens and vampires?  First of all, don’t get into a committed relationship or marry them.  In all likelihood, they won’t change, at least not without serious therapy.  If they are a relative or a coworker, you may be forced to interact with them. Remain polite and cheerful but try to limit your interactions to a minimum.  If they a friend, avoid confiding in them because it will either be ignored or used against you.  Don’t rely upon their support in times of need because they’ reliable to let you down.  If the relationship becomes toxic to the point that it’s stressing you out so much that you need to call me for a psychic reading, it’s time to let that person go.  Pray for them, wish them well and get on with your life.

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jim8446: What to do when it is a family member...How to get along when the family member lives with you and probably will for a while, as she is a single mom living with her kids in our home...I am so drained and stressed out and just tired every day.

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