Toxic Friendships Part 2: The Drama Queen by Psychic Clare

Published Date 7/22/2013
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Have you had to deal with a drama queen?

In Toxic Friendships Part 1 I described a situation I had recently with a “friend” that may sound all too familiar to many of you.  Someone I had stood by through thick and thin for 12 years suddenly turned on me during a difficult time when I needed her friendship the most.  

When we find ourselves in these situations, if you’re like me (and many of you are—we’ve discussed it during psychic readings) you tend to second guess yourself. We’ll ask, “What on earth did I do to provoke this?”  You’re a kind person who always tries to be fair and give the other party the benefit of the doubt, which is exactly what they’re counting on. But why?

Well, let me tell you a little secret that may help us to understand:  Jealousy. You may ask, “But how could they be jealous when things aren’t even going well for me?!”  Because, dear reader, drama queens want all the drama to themselves! Everything is always about THEM.  They simply cannot bear it when somebody else gets attention, even if it’s because of misfortune. If you’re getting sympathy from other friends, attention is diverted away from the queen. Therefore, he/she tries to convince you, and others, that you’re unworthy of their sympathy.  

The drama queen is similarly inclined to attack if you’ve accomplished something good and receive praise for it.  He or she will usually first try to hijack the conversation and announce something fabulous that he/she has done.  If this doesn’t successfully divert the attention away from you, the queen will point out some real or imagined character flaw on your part; some reason why your accomplishment wasn’t that impressive; or even try to claim credit for it!  If the other people know you reasonably well, they won’t fall for it—and neither should you.

I will discuss how to deal with people like this in Part 3.  
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