Tips for First-Time Dads: How Having a Baby Will Change Your Life

Published Date 6/17/2018
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Babies are so cute, but do you know all the changes they bring?

Everyone says having a child will change your life forever, but they couldn't possibly know, right? In truth, it doesn't take an online psychic to predict changes are afoot for any first-time dad. These are just some of the ways your life will change when your new bundle of joy arrives.

Your Relationship With Your Partner Will Change

Parenthood won't just change you as a person. It'll also change your relationship. Relationships are always evolving, but few forces trigger change as dramatically as having a baby. You'll be in awe of your partner and what her body managed to do. You'll fall in love with her all over again as you watch her nurture your new arrival. You might even hate her a bit when you're both feeling sleep-deprived and underappreciated. It's all normal!

You'll Have No More Free Time

Free time becomes a distant memory for parents. All your time will seem to be taken up with work, errands, chores, and of course, those parental responsibilities. That doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to “me time,” but unless you schedule it, you'll miss out.

Your Body Will Change

The effects of pregnancy and childbirth are well-documented, from stretch marks to bigger feet. As a new dad, your pre-kids body will also disappear. Men typically put on sympathy weight during their partners' pregnancy, and once baby comes along, it's virtually impossible to find time to work it off. Don't be surprised if your little one gives you a few wrinkles and gray hairs, too, especially after a string of sleepless nights.

You'll Take Fewer Risks

Males are natural risk takers, but fatherhood tends to curb those impulses. You'll get a greater sense of how much others rely on you, so you're less likely to speed and take risks at work. You're also likely to want to wrap your child up in cozy blankets, or at least buy the highest-rated car seat and stroller available.

You'll Make Other Dad Friends, and Like It

You and your childless buddies might have made fun of the men driving minivans before, but once your own kids come along, those guys won't seem so bad. In fact, you'll love having other people in your life who understand how irritating "Paw Patrol" is and can offer pointers on changing diapers.

You'll Know a Greater Love Than You Ever Thought Possible

You probably love your partner, your family, your car, and your favorite sporting team. However, the love you feel for all these things pales compared to the love your baby inspires. Nothing beats the way you feel when you see a little person you've created. People might try to tell you, but unless you've been there, you can't possibly know.

Knowing your life will change is scary, especially when you realize these changes are just the tip of the iceberg. What else is in store for you? Will you be able to handle the changes you'll face? Call a psychic hotline to learn the answers to these pressing questions and many more.


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