Three Love Spells for Hot Steamy Summer Romance by Psychic Roxanna

Published Date 7/6/2015
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Are you ready for love this summer?

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As the weather warms up this summer, you may need to heat things up in the bedroom too.  If conventional methods aren’t working for you right now, I am pleased to share three Love Spells for hot, steamy summer romance. I use the word "spell" loosely, these are really positive affirmations – using "The Law of Attraction." 

Psychic Source recently celebrated The Day of Light.  It was all about using the Laws of Attraction to manifest your most deeply felt intentions. In matters of the heart, the Laws of Attraction do work! The principles of The Day of Light can be a catalyst for your desires any day you like. Let me show you how…

#1 - Attract Your Soulmate:
Write down on the piece of paper all the qualities that you would like in your soulmate. Be realistic. When you have listed all the qualities that you would like in your ideal forever lover, read what you have written, imagine how happy you will be as if you already have this person in your life. 

Fold up the piece of paper and burn it, placing it a glass container to burn safely. As you watch it burn visualize a bright white light coming from the smoke and flames going up into the universe to find and draw your soulmate to you. 

When it is completely burnt sit in a relaxed state and imagine your soulmate being with you and you both being happy, as if the union has already happened. Do this for at least five to ten minutes… Positive visualization.

Take the glass container with the ashes outside and sprinkle them, while doing this again visualize the bright white light flowing from the ashes into the universe to further search and bring your soulmate to you.

#2 - Bring Back a Lost Love:
You will need two pink candles and one red candle. 

Clear your mind and place a photo of your lost love or a 3x3 inch square of red paper with their name on it in front of the red candle with the two pink candles on both sides of the red one. 

Light all candles. Then pick up the two pink candles in your hands and face the red candle. Repeat this chant 10 times. "Powers that be hear my prayer. If it is meant to be, bring <their name> back to me." 

Give thanks...blow out the pink candles and let the red burn out with the picture/red paper with their name on it in front of the red candle.

#3 - Heal a Broken Relationship and Bring your Love Back to You:
Draw a heart on a 3x3 piece of red paper. Cut the heart in half.

Write the name of the one that broke your heart on the left side and your name on the right side of the heart. Then say "To repair a heart, means to repair a love, these two shall forever be one." Take a needle and string and slowly sew the halves back together. 

The whole time focus on how much you both will love each other upon reuniting.

I hope you give at least one of these a try when you feel you are ready. And don’t worry, if you need some help and it’s no longer summer, you do not have to cast your "spell" at this exact time. Anytime will work just fine. Good luck finding the love you deserve!

Many blessings, 
Roxanna x7008

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