The Truth About Thanksgiving by Psychic Danielle

Date 11/21/2020
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Develop an Attitude of Gratitude today... and every day!

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude today... and every day!

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Thanksgiving may be one of our most important holidays, not because of the Pilgrims and the Indians, nor the Turkey and the Pumpkin Pies, although these are wonderful things for which to give thanks. Spiritual teachers and metaphysicians have written much about the Science of “Thank You,” and Christ himself taught: “In all things give thanks.” But what does this really mean and is it even possible? What is the truth about Thanksgiving?

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
The attitude of gratitude is a disciplined way of thinking that produces feelings of appreciation, love, joy, and well-being. This attitude of gratitude opens the gateway of the spiritual heart, allowing access to higher qualities of experience such as intuition, inner peace, guidance, and inspiration. Once opened, this gateway empowers the manifestation of our realities.

When one is coming from the space of sincere gratitude one’s vibrational energy or resonance is acceptance and harmony. When we “project” or resonate from this higher vibrational frequency, we literally attract to ourselves the events, conditions, and circumstances that we desire. Conversely, when we choose to fight or resist whatever is happening in our life at any given moment we create resistance, which puts us in a disharmonious vibration, or a lower vibrational frequency, and we all know what begins to happen then, don’t we? We begin to attract the dis-harmonious events, conditions and circumstances into our lives that we’re resisting. If this sound like I’m quoting from the teaching of the “Law of Attraction” that’s because it is the very principle presented in that teaching. So then, gratitude is an acceptance of things just the way they are which in turn resonates and projects a powerful energy, creating a magnetic force that is conducive to attracting our “desired” outcomes.

Some practical things we can do to develop the mindset of gratitude is:
1. Keep a gratitude journal.
2. Daily thank at least one person for something they’ve contributed to your life and let them know how much you appreciate them.
3. Read “Gratitude” quotes.
4. Develop visualization techniques in meditation to quiet the mind and allow access to creating gratitude in a coherent and peaceful spiritual heart center. 
5. Forgive anyone, including yourself, against whom you may feel resentment.
6. Before you go to sleep at night, identify five things you are truly grateful for, that day.

Practice Daily Gratitude 
I’m sure you can come up with other practices but remember that gratitude is just that; a practiced choice. We choose gratitude or we choose resistance. We choose to live in heaven or we choose to live in hell. Isn’t it wonderfully freeing to know that we have the power and hold the key to the “Gateway” to all that is good lying within our own ability to choose and to use that vibration? It’s really very simple. “In all things give thanks…. and the peace which surpasses human understanding will guard your hearts and your minds.” (Quote from the Holy Scriptures of the Bible).

This Thanksgiving, as you’re celebrating the blessings we each respectfully experience in our Country, look just past the traditional Thanksgiving paradigm and consider the power of Thanksgiving as a daily way of life.  

In this spirit of Gratitude, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, and I thank each one of you for helping our Psychic Source Community grow and flourish in your service. We are here for you.

Warmest Regards to All,
Danielle x7913

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