The Truth about Psychic Love Readings by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 12/14/2018
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When looking for love, you have to take the good with the bad.

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Many individuals receive a psychic love reading hoping to obtain information on their perfect love match, while others avoid them for fear of getting bad news. These extreme reactions to readings are typical and often occur because individuals forget that a psychic reader is just reporting what they see. A psychic is not the creator of your destiny nor can they influence how someone treats or even loves you.

A psychic reading will not create a new lover, nor make someone leave their mate for you. What a psychic reading will give you is an understanding of the romantic obstacles, what is going on emotionally with the relationship and potential outcomes. Now I specifically say potential outcomes because nothing is ever written in stone.

For some individuals, psychic readings can feel like a total let down and a waste of time. In some cases, honestly, it might be, mostly because individuals do not often make use or pay attention to any of the information they get. Many individuals get stuck on what they think is bad news or hearing something they did not want to hear. 

Negative News Isn’t Always Bad
I know no one wants bad news when it comes to love, myself included. Even though I am a psychic, I also want to see happy outcomes and hate when I do a reading and do not see anything positive for myself or others. The truth is, we cannot influence what we see unless we deny the information to ourselves. 

To feel less devastated by negative psychic outcomes I suggest thinking about following to help you through this period:
1. Always remember nothing is written in stone.
2. Remember that regardless of how a person feels, you are still worthy of love.
3. Romantic relationships take time and love is not an instant occurrence.
4. Ask yourself why the reading is painful?
5. What can you learn from the information?
6. Do you believe this person is the only person available to you?
7. How much do you know this person?
8. Do love someone who even knows you exist?
9. Is the person free to be with you?
10. What do you need to move forward? 

Remember the Big Picture
The job of a psychic is not to crush you with the truth. But to help you see beyond the façade and current situation. We as people, often want what we want without really looking completely at the big picture. When we love someone, even if they belong to someone else, we often refuse to see that they are not able to give us exactly what we deserve. Unfortunately, when a psychic tells us the truth, we tend to react with dismissal, anger or denial. 

You loving someone does not mean they magically become available. Also, loving someone does not mean we are destined to have a romantic relationship. Sadly, our love for an individual is our own emotional attachment and does not mean that the person we love “is obligated” to love us back. Of course, because a person does not love us in the same way, it does not mean we are not worthy of love. 

It takes courage to love.

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