The Soulmate Connection - What if Your Soulmate is Not Your Partner? by Psychic Gabrielle

Date 6/22/2021
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Finding your soulmate is often a complex process.

Finding your soulmate is often a complex process.

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Very often, our deepest soulmate connection comes into our lives when we least expect it. They touch the depths of our being and we connect in ways never dreamed possible. They push us to grow spiritually, because the bond of a soulmate surpasses mere physical or emotional connection.

Twin flames and other profound soul connections are part of our souls’ core identities. We have usually traveled many lifetimes with them. While the connection and circumstances around our relationship with them may seem difficult at times, that is because challenges push us to grow, especially at a spiritual level.

Nothing is more painful than when our Beloved is not our partner in the “traditional” sense. We may be connected to them, or not, or the relationship might not be the way we would like it to be – yet. Third parties and other relationships might be involved, or other issues might need to be learned or “worked through” first. While that brings additional complexity, it should not stop the connection. Nor should we succumb to fears of judgment by others. 

We Are Powerful Co-Creators
Of course, there are challenges that come up, including doubts, fears, worries and confusion, but that is part of the growth process. Navigating these emotions and their root causes pushes us to harness the inner power to create the lives we want. We are not victims or passive participants in life, waiting for what happens next, but instead, we are powerful co-creators. The significance of intention, visualization, belief, and surrender work together to create the future.

To have a life fully lived, we must be led by heart, not mind or ego. Energy clearing and healing help remove blocks that get in the way of this most important soulmate connection. There are many layers uncovered as deeper healing takes place, including wounds and trauma from past lives, childhood, and previous relationships. This work is intensive, challenging, and will take us to our deepest depths of pain and grief. It will also bring up emotions like rage, betrayal, abandonment, and rejection – triggers that we often don’t want to face, but must, if we are to heal. 

Our Soul Selves
Some might say that love should not be hard. But it is the luggage we carry and our ego selves that make the relationship hard. The actual essence of true, unconditional love is the easy part – that purest divine love, which is the very essence of the soul. So, when we connect with our mirror soul, it is a return to the soul’s essence and truest identity. That is why healing and clearing blockages is essential to get back to our soul selves. In the space of true unconditional love, we heal most profoundly and deeply, and we fully connect with our Divine counterpart.

Surrendering to the process is also important. Allowing and learning to “be” are invaluable tools. Big compassion for ourselves and the one we love is also foundational and part of unconditional love. And all along, insight is garnered from the soul’s inner guidance. Listen to the call of your soul, and let your heart guide you, to come home to your Beloved. 

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