The Soulmate Connection - What Happens When We Encounter Our Soulmate? by Psychic Jane

Published Date 2/4/2020
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Like a puzzle, your soulmate will fit together perfectly.

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The Soulmate Connection is the bond we all long for.  It has been long thought that the soulmate is the one person that is romantically destined to be our one true love. The person who will make us feel whole and loved, beyond any love we’ve known before. It is the hope that finding a soulmate will wrap our lives in a bow of perfection, like a Disney princess movie. 

However, life is more complicated, messy and interesting than this. Soulmates can be a romantic love relationship, but they can also be other relationships such as friends, family and even individuals who enter our lives for only a short time. Soulmates are relationships that have been created in other lifetimes and have evolved over many lives. 

Author Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote “We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.” It is our soul’s job to grow spiritually, this happens from all life experiences including adversity, heartbreak and loss. Soulmates are a gift to us. Other souls to learn with, lean on, and share our eternal sorrows and joys.

Six Ways to Know You’ve Encountered Your Soulmate

1 - You Can Be Authentically You with No Judgment
Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with others can be intimidating. However, being vulnerable with a soulmate is much easier, the energy that flows between the two of you is acceptance. Revealing your inner worries will be a strength not a weakness. 

2 - You Think in a Very Similar Way
Webster Dictionary describes a Soulmate as “a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament” and “a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs.” You will find that you share core values with your soulmate. You will have similar (but not necessarily identical) feelings about life, politics and spirituality.

3 - Being with Your Soulmate Makes the World Feel Magical
It is with a soulmate that you will find your greatest happiness. They are the person you cannot wait to share everything from life’s joys to simple tiny stories with. You may be long term friends that can laugh on the phone for hours. You may be fishing buddies that look forward to escaping on the boat. You may be family members that love to cook together, or you may be a couple in love. Soulmates will share joy, laughter and value each other beyond measure.

4 - You Can Allow Yourself to be Your Best Self with Your Soulmate
Soulmate relationships are healthy relationships. In a soulmate relationship there is no room for envy, jealousy or toxic energy. Your soulmate will not feel threatened by your growth. Rather they will encourage you in your growth and share in your happiness when you reach your goals. 

5 - You’re Spiritually Connected 
Soulmates have a deep spiritual connection and have played a great part in many of your other lifetimes. The two of you have been through multiple challenges over reincarnations. Your soulmate is climbing the ladder of spiritual evolution with you. Soulmates often have an intuitive connection. 

6 - Your Soulmate Gives You a Safe Feeling  
Like the feeling of coming home, this is a relationship that has been refined. It’s like kindred spirits who hold the highest esteem for each other. These relationships are built on kindness, patience, growth and love. 

The feeling of a soulmate connection is love, joy and acceptance. 
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