The Soulmate Connection - Soulmates Through Time by Psychic Kallie

Published Date 2/23/2020
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When you meet a soulmate - you know it instantly!

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Your body is surrounded by a fluidic substance called ectoplasm. You can actually feel this substance by holding your hands a few inches apart and gently bouncing them back and forth. The resistance you feel is your ectoplasm. This substance has many properties but the one that we are going to explore its ability to form connections to other beings and to carry information to that part of your soul, “the higher self” which contains all that you have ever experienced in this lifetime and any other lifetime including connections to other beings. These connections and experiences are timeless and can surface in any lifetime. The knowledge and connections you gain are never lost!

I have seen this amazing occurrence many times. A child, three years of age, asks her mother for paints, rejects the “baby paints” asks for “some real paint and a canvass” and paints an amazing portrait. In another occurrence a young boy, 4 years of age, cooked a gourmet meal complete with wine pairings! These children were able to tap into their talents and passions from other lifetimes!

The same thing happens when we recognize the vibration of a connection to another being that we established anywhere in our soul’s journey through time and space. We often incarnate with a group of beings that we help, and that help us, learn ever more about God’s creation! These beautiful beings are your soul family and include family, friends, teachers, children and even four legged creatures. These beings are there to help us on our journey, to uplift and educate us, to move us closer and closer to enlightenment. Within this group are very special beings called soulmates!

A Lifetime of Soulmates

A Soulmate is someone whose energy is intertwined in either your spiritual or physical destiny or often both! Soulmates have often walked the earth with you multiple times, which is why you recognize their energy and they recognize yours! Can you meet them in odd places? Yes.  Are they always “appropriate?” No. When you meet them can the world melt away and it feels as if the two of you are the only two people in the universe? Definitely. Your connection can be literally hundreds of years old and include multiple lifetimes and so can the mission or energy that brings you together. 

When you meet a soulmate, you know it instantly! There is an attraction that is beyond reason! Often you will see, smell, feel things that have nothing to do with your current reality. There you are standing in your everyday reality and time and space fall away and you are standing on a street in Paris or seeing pyramids! In general, both people feel this amazing energy, but it can be stronger in one or another. You will want to spend time with your soulmate, love them, change your life for them. It is beautiful and overwhelming. How wonderful to meet someone who can actually see your essence!

Soulmates as Teachers

What many may not understand is that soulmate energy can uplift you, teach you to forgive or allow yourself to be forgiven, break your heart, or love you as no other! Some even come with the difficult job of annoying you into spirituality! Although being together an entire lifetime, loving and protecting each other does happen, a soulmate may not fit into your current journey or they may come into your life to bring not only love, but clarity to a situation. They may be a teacher or a child, not just a lover.

What can you do if soulmate lightning strikes? My advice is to embrace it as a miracle and step back and ask your angels, “what is the mission this lifetime?” Then enjoy each other, learn from each other and no matter the outcome know that you are loved through eternity!

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