The Secret of Centering: How to Find Internal Peace in Any Situation

Published Date 4/27/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Envisioning your chakras will help you find your center.

When you center yourself properly, a solid anchor at your core keeps you stable in the storm that surrounds your everyday life. The ability to find your center is very relieving because this single act will help you ward off even the most chaotic situations life throws your way. Try these activities to help you center quickly in any situation.

Learn How to Ground Yourself

When you’re first learning to ground, you should do it in a calm, quiet environment. There are many ways to ground, but one of the most common is to visualize yourself as a tree with roots connecting your feet to the earth. If this image doesn’t work for you, a live psychic can help you access an image that resonates better. Once you’ve practiced grounding slowly and purposefully, you’ll be able to do it quickly in the midst of chaos, as a quick way to regain your stability.

Go Through a Daily Centering Ritual

Center yourself at least once a day when you have a quiet moment alone. Envision a ball of light floating above your head. Draw it down into yourself and picture it changing colors as it moves down through your seven chakras, beginning as a purple globe at the top of your head and progressing through blue, green, yellow, orange, and red until it reaches your pelvis.

When you need to center your chakras again on the go, you’ll be able to visualize them quickly and nudge those glowing balls of light back into alignment to help you regain your center. If you feel like you simply can’t get your chakras aligned, a psychic reader may be able to help you find the underlying problem.

Envision Mental Shields

Picture that glowing ball of light that you view as your center. Envision it expanding and becoming like a bubble around you. Use this ball of bright light to push away negative thoughts and emotions. Any time you feel an uncomfortable press of negativity around you, picture your shield again and push the negativity away to regain a sense of peace.

Create a Mantra

Choose a mantra that best defines your approach to difficult situations. Your mantra may be “all is well,” or “this too shall pass.” When you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, take three deep breaths and repeat your mantra in a cool, calm voice.

Meditate Regularly

Take five or ten minutes to meditate as often as you can. Ideally, you will be able to do this every day. Meditating regularly will help you learn to empty your mind. Once you’ve mastered the art of meditation, you can use it to clear your head and quickly find your center when you’re starting to feel stressed.

When you become familiar with your center, you’ll find you can return to it readily in moments of need.


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