The Power of Forgiveness

Published Date 5/18/2020
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Let forgiveness lead you to a more positive, fulfilling life free from pain.

Have you been hurt in past relationships? If you're still holding on to feelings of anger, it's time to let go and find power in forgiveness. When you forgive, it's easier to put the past behind you and move forward. Most importantly, forgiving others allows you to be free of the negative energy that's holding you back. Discover how to forgive and the many benefits you can experience as a result of this compassionate act.

Release Revenge

One of the reasons many people refuse to let go of past pain is that they believe one day they'll have a chance to “even the score,” so to speak. It's natural to hope for karma to bring an equal amount of suffering to the one who hurt you. Perhaps you've even consulted a psychic hotline hoping to hear that this person has suffered. However, in order to be truly free, you must let go of those fantasies of revenge. 

Accept Your Story

When you release your anger toward the person who wronged you, you also release the hope you had for a different outcome. Perhaps you had wished for you and a past partner to stay together, but their wrongdoing led to a breakup. Rather than dwelling on what could have been, you can forgive the person and accept that your story took another direction. Forgiveness also allows you to move past your status as a victim and instead become the hero of your story.

See the Good

Being hurt by a friend, family member, or lover is painful, but that pain can potentially lead you to wonderful experiences you may not have had otherwise. In dealing with your pain, you may find new strength you didn't know you had. Perhaps the experience allowed you to develop a deeper empathy for others who have been through similar situations. Look for the beneficial ways in which your challenges have affected you.

Feel Free

Forgiving others has a freeing effect on your mind and spirit. You'll feel lighter once this weight has been lifted. Instead of dragging that weight around, you can leave it behind where it belongs. You don't have to forget that it's there; you simply have to accept that it is no longer a part of your present.

Find Meaning

For many people, it helps to engage in symbolic gestures of forgiveness. Consider trying one or more of the following techniques to add even more meaning to this powerful action:

  • Write down your feelings of pain and hurt, then burn the paper to ashes.
  • Meditate using a new mantra that focuses on your fresh start.
  • Get a tarot reading to learn about good things in store for your future.
  • Light a candle to remind you of the brightness of the days ahead.
  • Plant seeds and help them grow as a reminder of a new beginning.

It's time to find forgiveness for those who have hurt you in the past. Let go and be free.


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