The Milky Way - A New Year's Tale by Psychic Gwendolyn

Date 10/20/2020
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Does the milk taste as good as it did the first time?

Does the milk taste as good as it did the first time?

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There once was a woman who went to the refrigerator and took out a gallon of milk, poured a large glass and sat with a warm chocolate chip cookie. She slowly drank the milk and ate the cookie, all the while thinking “This is the BEST glass of milk I have ever HAD! Cold, frothy, a hint of sweetness… Yum!”

A few days passed and she went back to the gallon of milk and poured a large glass to go with a freshly baked brownie. The milk was less frothy, and just somehow LESS enjoyable, but she thought to herself “The first time I had this milk, it was the best milk I had ever had, so I will drink this, and see if it doesn’t improve the next time.”

A week later she poured another glass of milk from the same gallon. It now smelled a bit “off,” but she was no quitter! She had had this milk once, and it was lovely…

Yet another week passed and she went back to the milk, expecting that it would somehow have become that magical liquid she had enjoyed a few weeks back, but it poured out in lumps and was completely sour. Yet she drank (or ate) it anyway, sure that if she just kept TRYING it, the milk would regain its original state and she would be able to have the same experience as the first…

OK, how silly does that sound. Of course, this probably never happened, but it was to illustrate a point.  And that is how many times, and in how many ways, have you yourself done something similar? 

Hanging on to Memories
For example, have you had a wonderful first date, only to find the person is not what they originally professed themselves to be? And then as you remember that first date, you decide to just hang in there because once things were great? Or have you worked at a job and been fulfilled, but then new management takes over and now you’re being treated poorly “but things may get better, I was happy here once!” The list of scenarios is too vast for me to write out, but we’ve ALL done this. We’ve ALL gone back for the “milk” expecting that same experience. The sad fact is; it never comes again. 

New Year – New You
So how is this a New Year’s Tale as I stated in the title?  Well, as we just flipped the calendars this past weekend to start the New Year, it is the perfect time to throw out the “old” things that do not serve you and invest in some new things that DO. However, YOU are the only one who can do this! YOU have to change old mindsets, take a chance and a leap of faith. Have faith in YOURSELF and your ability to decipher what is useful and what is not. 

If you need help, a Tarot reading can be a great tool for helping to clear the proverbial cobwebs from your mind and show you beneficial and productive paths that you can then choose to walk, or not walk, which is just as important to discover.  As we start the New Year, it’s time for some clarity and a fresh look at old habits.

It's also time for a new gallon of milk… and a yummy chocolate chip cookie to go with it!

Happy New Year!
-- Gwendolyn  

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