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Published Date 2/14/2020
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Love at first sight... can it be true?

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When we meet someone, we often go through a few emotional reactions such as excitement, shock, and sometimes even disgust.  We barely know the person and yet we have some instant reaction inside. Often that reaction leads us to the next level of either wanting more contact or complete avoidance.  But how is this possible after just meeting someone?

Our reactions to people can come from within, either they remind us of someone we know or the type of person we’d like to know. Our gut and third eye can often detect potential possibilities before our logical mind can decipher any concrete information. The fact is our emotional connections often start as a result of an attraction spark; we often notice intuitively. When it comes to connecting, many of us often misread the signs of interest in the other person and either avoid a potential love connection or dart in without thinking.  

Here are some tips to help learn how to recognize a potential connection especially if you wish to ignite any sparks:
Take time to get to know the individual since your initial reaction might just be based on a gesture that triggers old memories.
Simply talk to the person when possible since knowing them is better than making stories in our head about them
Keep in mind different behaviors can trigger memories which remind us of people we once liked or disliked.
If the person expresses interest in getting to know you, take your time in getting to know them, being attracted to someone does not mean they are ready or right for us.
Be aware that we often place people into roles that are based on how we see them rather than how they may be.
Know that a spark can grow into something meaningful, but in order to cultivate a healthy connection, you will need to be honest, transparent and clear about what you want.  In other words, don’t play games!
If you are still unsure, try a psychic reading, so you can decipher their intentions and availability.
A potential love can be amazing, but the connection can remain stuck or one-sided if we do not enhance in some form of exchange that communicates our interest. Of course, through communication, we may find out that the love spark is only one way, but on the upside, it is better to know early how someone feels than to spend our time daydreaming of a potential love that never happens.

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