The Joffrey Syndrome: Will Your Children Grow Up to Be Good People?

Published Date 9/29/2014
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Communicating with your children helps build good behaviors.

Every parent has moments of doubt and fear, wondering if they’re getting it right and raising kind, capable children. Television shows like “Game of Thrones” shine a terrifying light on a parent’s worst nightmare: having an impossible, evil, ungrateful child like the ill-tempered boy-king Joffrey. If you’re worried about a budding Joffrey among your own offspring, try these tactics for stopping potential problems early.

Foster Feelings of Acceptance

A child will absorb the attitudes and beliefs that are displayed around him like a parched sponge. If you exhibit intolerance toward others, it will only be a matter of time before your child adopts these attitudes, too. Joffrey’s close-mindedness about homosexuality is something that a child would typically absorb from those around him. Exhibit the attitudes that you want your child to have, and your kindness is likely to rub off. It’s easy to overlook your own bad habits, so consider turning to an outside source like an online psychic for help.

Tell the Truth

Joffrey’s known for his dishonest and duplicitous ways. If you see your child lying, you need to address the problem early. Many children lie to avoid getting punished. In these cases, it can help to ease the punishment for a child who honestly admits to wrongdoing. Explain to your child that lying breaks down trust between you. Most importantly, you should stop lying yourself. If you fudge a child’s age, or tell Grandma that you weren’t home when she called even though your child watched you dodge the phone, your actions are sending mixed messages.

Teach Empathy

Children who don’t understand empathy will have a harder time understanding why they should put others’ needs and feelings above their own. It’s important to talk often about how others may think or feel. Don’t tell your child to be nice so he’ll have more friends or be better liked. Instead, focus on how his kind actions can make others feel better. Complimenting someone’s outfit makes them feel good about themselves. Sharing a snack allows a friend to enjoy the tasty treat, too. Considering how other people feel encourages kindness to all.

Practice Good Manners

Many parents find themselves embarrassed and frustrated with their children’s poor dining habits in a restaurant, yet they don’t bother to practice the habits with much regularity at home. If you eat in front of the television and dismiss children when they’re done at home, they won’t understand how to sit through a meal politely when you’re out. Practice good manners at home and these habits will naturally carry forward into other situations. If you’re having trouble identifying problem areas that are impacting your child’s behavior, try asking an authentic psychic for advice.

Addressing your child’s behavior proactively is the best way to prevent bad habits and encourage the traits you value most. You can’t punish your way into a sweet and caring child, but you can raise gentle children by exhibiting gentleness yourself.


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