The Gift of a Father - Happy Father's Day by Psychic Cory

Date 9/21/2022

In memoriam of Cory's father.

In memoriam of Cory's father.

In Memory of my beloved father who passed away Monday February 11, 2013
There is an old saying: "You don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone." The truth is, I knew exactly what I had with my father before he was gone. I loved and appreciated him more than words could ever say and he felt exactly the same way for me. In fact in the last three years of his life, those words and other beautiful sentiments would be shared almost daily. We had deep conversations about everything then, as always. Less in the latter years, as he would become more easily tired and he’d arranged by then to simply say the number "five," and that was my cue to hang up the phone. What I couldn’t know before his passing was the profound experience of his presence in my life even after his death. His ever-present energy has given me a more expansive awareness of how he continues to live inside my heart, and how that experience is somehow increasing my self-love exponentially. I’ve never felt this loved and/or loving. I adore this increase for how it affects my entire well-being and in turn the well-being of others. 
The absolute truth is that my father loved me passionately without reserve. He didn’t hold back on his emotions and thoughts about me. He frequently told me how proud he was of me and how much he believed in my abilities. He was a very psychic man himself, though being a very astute Taurus business-minded man, he didn’t often focus on his gifts in that area. If anything, he would merely say he had a feeling or a dream and he knew that somehow it all meant something. How I came to recognize his gift of clairsentience was through his uncanny ability to contact me-- not sometimes but always -- in my perfect moments of need. Okay, there were moments I didn’t feel like talking and it was like pulling teeth, but all in all it was comforting and he made me feel very secure. He had a wonderful policy that allowed me to feel absolutely free to contact him day or night wherever he was no matter what the situation. He was a very busy man and travelled much so it was great to know that he was still on call for me throughout my life. He was the biggest-hearted and -minded man I have ever known. In my experience his generosity is unsurpassed. 
On the other hand, being simply human, he was not a perfect man by any stretch of the imagination. His gruff manner startled many, causing most of my friends and even boyfriends to fear him. Little did most know he had a marshmallow heart. He was huge on respect and for years even boyfriends would have to call him Mister. It became a big joke after the fact as he mellowed in age, but for him it was serious stuff. He grew up in poverty, being cold and hungry. He left school at the age of 13 forging ahead with any work he could find. He was a very small boy and was often taunted. He got into many fights because he was rebellious and aggressive and hence would never back down from a fight. Bigger boys would come to respect him and stand up for him. He had great survival instincts grown from his need to work through his impoverished state plus wonderful innate creative abilities. He became a very successful inventor, but more than that for me he was a successful human being because he cared about people. He truly cared when he asked the question, "How are you?" He really wanted to know, and if he could fix something for anyone he would and he did. For him, everybody was the same and deserved equal love, care and attention. 
On one occasion, which goes down in my book of a wonderful random act of kindness, a man walked in off the street into his office and asked for a job. My father directly replied that he didn’t have any work for him. This man obviously was also from the school of "No is the beginning of the conversation," and said he’d do anything. With that, my father’s heart softened to mush and he told the gentleman to come back the next day and he would find him something to do. He literally didn’t have anything, but this man who I’ll call Angel (and you’ll know why soon enough) came back the next day and the next. And when my father didn’t have work for him, my father would always find him some work by calling his friends and their friends to give him some. This story does not end there. It turns out that about 20 years later, as my father needed help, Angel was by his side as true friend and companion. For the last three years of his life, day in and day out, he gave back to my father in his time of need. By then he called my father “Pops” and is currently considered my fourth sibling whom I deeply love and appreciate.
All this to say I was more than blessed to be born to a father like him. He taught me about real self-love, including how important it is to give to others. On February 14, 2012, just a year and three days from when my father died, a stranger in a store randomly blurted out these words to me: "We’re not here to serve ourselves, we’re here to serve each other." Yes it was Valentine’s Day, and that was my best gift that day, to hear those words. I bring it up now because my father acted as though he knew he was on earth to serve, and even though he lived with abundance for most of it, working very hard for the fruits of his labor, he gave as much back and possibly more. He was quiet about his giving and now I can shout it from the rooftops, so to speak. My father was a giver, and my prime inspiration! My father left me in love and every day I remember him and how he paved my way to loving service. I feel so very blessed!
So on this Father’s Day, I hope you find the gift of your fathers. 

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rocky6: Wow, great story. your father was a great man and bless.. Sorry, for the loss .. he is alway watching you by your side.. he is very much in peace.. susan

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