The Difference Between Twin Souls and Soul Mates by Psychic Krissy

Published Date 4/26/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Have you met your twin soul?

The Divine created us all in pairs, just like Adam and Eve—there truly is someone for everyone.  We tend to feel like lost souls swimming in a fishbowl when we’re separated from our twin soul.  There’s a huge difference between soul mates and twin souls. We can have a multitude of soul mates but we are split in half from and have only one twin soul.  

When we’re re-introduced with our twin soul, there is a longing and a gravitational pull that reignites our souls.  For instance, when your Twin soul is at the other end of a restaurant, you’ll be blinded by the light they emit to your light.  Since your souls are connected it will seem as if you two are the only two people in the restaurant.  When speaking with that person for the first time, it will feel as though you have known this person your entire life.  

Since we’re meant to reunite, the relationship will be very natural and you’ll feel protected while at ease.  You’ll notice you can have an hour long conversation with this person which seems like only minutes.  You will finish one another’s sentences and read each other’s minds.  Our lights are magical even when there is tension and disagreements with our twin soul.  Please know there is truly someone for everyone. 
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