The Best Way to Announce a Divorce

Published Date 7/18/2013
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That's just the way the cookie crumbles!

If you and your spouse just decided to get a divorce, you might be anxious to tell everyone else - after all, how do you let all of your friends and relatives know that your marriage is over (especially if they attended the wedding)?

There are a couple of tips you can try, even if you don't know anyone who has personally gone through a divorce. First, you might want to tell your family alongside your spouse, according to Divorce Magazine. Doing so together can potentially make it easier to explain the reasoning to loved ones. Once they see you're both on the same page, they're more likely to be supportive of the decision.

Next, learn to expect the range of emotions you're going to feel upon announcing this decision to family and friends. The announcement may evoke feelings of sadness, anger and depression. In some instances, your loved ones might be happy that you're leaving a poor relationship - divorce is all about a rollercoaster of emotions. However, there' also the possibility that they will think you're making the wrong decision.

Regardless of what your family and friends say, you are the only one who can make the best decision for yourself. If the topic of divorce is final, make this clear and be sure to illustrate how/why you are not happy and why a divorce is absolutely the best option.

Finally, you may want to speak to a love psychic for insight into the situation. A psychic reading might confirm that you're making the right decision and give you more courage going into announcing your choice.

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