Tend to Your Relationship and Watch It Bloom This Spring by Psychic Layne

Date 3/20/2013

Watch your love bloom this spring

Watch your love bloom this spring

Ah, spring is in the air.  That smell of fresh cut grass finally makes its way back to our weekend rituals.  It just so happens that everyone can take a cue from Mother Nature.  Just like busy bees, humans start to go outside to prune, mulch, and take care of nature’s necessities so everything can grow, and we can watch in admiration.

Well, if you step back and think how we tend to our gardens, you will find that relationships aren’t that much different.  Nurturing one’s relationship through communication is like watering a tulip.  Furthermore, showing one’s love or interest is like mulching and adding warmth to the roots.  

And as with everything, if we water or mulch too much, our flowering tree or shrub either drowns or burns from too many nutrients.  In cases where a relationship gets too much attention, most Advisors will tell you it’s time to prune back.  Just like our plants, people do need attention—but too much of a good thing isn’t healthy either, so we must do this in moderation.  Learning how to master this skill isn’t easy.  However, if you are able to take time out each week and do something for yourself, you start to focus on making yourself a better person.  This in turn will allow your significant other to become even more attracted to a wonderful person who treats him/herself with respect. 

So as you think about heading outside to do a little gardening this spring, think about what you can do to keep your relationship growing.  Sometimes cleaning out the old mulch is exactly what you need.

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