Telepathic Messages from Children by Psychic Indigo

Date 11/2/2017

This baby might know what you're thinking!

This baby might know what you're thinking!

As mothers, we’re connected to our children in a way that’s unexplainable, which I’m currently experiencing firsthand myself. My child is not old enough to make complete sentences, but he’s still able to communicate with me, even when he’s away from home. All you have to do as a mother is listen and pay attention. Those gut feelings let you know when he/she needs something, just like when you’re breastfeeding and you know when your child is hungry by how you feel. 

From labor, an energy flows through us as the child is born, connecting us with our children. A mother is given the gifts of empathy and telepathy. Fathers can learn how to use these gifts as well over a period of bonding with the child. Children come straight from “The Source,” and already know how to use these gifts. 

For me it comes in a wave of energy calling me to sit and meditate for a moment. If I’m able to clear my mind, my child will send me an image of what’s happening to him—whether it be in the present moment, or something that has already happened and hits me later. He lets me know if he’s OK or unhappy. 

This goes for children as well. I have a close friend who tells me stories of his five-year-old son. When they cuddle at night before bed, his son can read his mind. For example, one night he was daydreaming of rock climbing on one of the nearby mountains. In the middle of his daydream, his son looked up at him and said, “I want to go climb on the rocks, daddy!” His son surprises him with his gift each day, as my son surprises me with images. 

Do you know if your child is telepathic? Have you ever listened? Take the time to connect and meditate with your child to help make these gifts stronger for all of us! Namaste! 
Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

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