Tarot on a Tangent: The Lovers Card in a Love Reading and More, a Podcast by Psychic Therese

Date 6/2/2022
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What do you know about the Lovers card? In our latest podcast, Psychic Therese illuminates the symbolism and meaning behind one of the most well-known tarot cards.

As with most Major Arcana cards, when The Lovers card turns up in a reading, it always comes with a powerful message, be it fortuitous or cautionary. In its simplest form, The Lovers tarot card meaning, upright, represents a serious love relationship on the horizon, or indicating that the current relationship is one of great significance. The Lovers Reversed, warns of rejection, deceit, and loss of love. The nuances in the meaning of card are, of course, mitigated by its position in the layout, and are influenced by the cards surrounding and amplifying it.  For our purposes, I am staying with the definition of the card itself, its symbols and character.

The Symbols on The Lovers Card

The Lovers is a card rich in symbolism and layered with messages about choices, discernment, decisions, and the duality of human nature. Overall, the Lovers appearance in a reading, the opposing natures at play between the man and the woman, advises us to pay attention to the balance between reason and passion. It also tells us that we have to maintain our equilibrium between these concepts, to get to the enlightenment of true love.

It’s important to know where your relationship is at on this continuum, because love without empathy and passion, or passion without reason, causes us to miss the mark, negate our intentions, and create dissatisfaction. Despite its portent of good news, The Lovers card directs us to ask if this relationship is based on genuine caring for the other person and their happiness…or is this a connection where one person is self-serving or ego-driven? 

The Three Aspects of Human Consciousness

This scene on the Lovers card is reminiscent of the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, the man, the woman, and the Angel Raphael, represent the three aspects of human consciousness:  The intellectual, the emotional and the divine.  With this card, we learn that we have to have all three at work here, to have the perfect connection.

The male depicts reason and intellect, while the woman is a symbol of the subconscious, the emotional, intuitive side of our psyche. The Angel Raphael represents high-level, spiritual consciousness, our connection to the higher powers in the universe and the healing power of love, that will bring these two people together, under the right circumstances. The presence of this angel is a sure bet that this union will be a great blessing to the couple.

The Serpent

Even upright, The Lovers comes with a warning, as the tree behind the woman contains a serpent, representing temptation. Despite the goodness brought by this card, the question is always posed: is this a situation I can trust? Is this real love or is my vision clouded by desperation? Is this lust or love? Is this job the right one for me, or am I ignoring the red flags in the interview?

The Lovers Card in a Love Reading

The Lovers Upright:  In a love reading, this card means that a serious love relationship is coming in, or that your current connection has real potential to last and grow.  And it can also indicate that you have a choice between two very worthwhile love candidates. It denotes unconditional love, great healing and miracles, health as well as potential marriage or taking this union to the next level. 

When the upright Lovers Card shows up, this is a message to have courage, that you will have the ability to transform yourself, and that both people will be healed and changed by a transcendent love.  In this love, you can trust, be honest, vulnerable and be yourself.

The Lovers Reversed:  When The Lovers card appears reversed, it denotes a possible break-up, or that one person is withholding information, lying, or exhibiting passive-aggressive behavior. Other elements that could be creating a problem are disharmony, stress, disillusionment, and anxiety. It can also denote that this relationship is one-sided or that the person is in denial as to the motives of the significant other.

The Lovers Reversed can also mean that there is a fear of emotional intimacy, secrets, red flags. It can indicate co-dependency instead of true love. Again, with all these permutations of meanings, we use the other cards in the layout to clarify what The Lovers is trying to tell us. The Lovers Reversed can also be a message to look at your lifestyle, and if you are on a healthy or self-defeating course, with substances, diet, etc. and how this affects this potential quest for love.

The Lovers and How Someone Else Sees You

The Lovers Upright is telling us that the other person views you as beautiful inside and out, a high value person who is worthy of their attention, be it in business or love. This can also indicate that the person is falling in love with you. Or really wants to hire or work with you.

The Lovers Reversed:  When The Lovers comes up like this, this is, many times, seen as a rejection. This other person regards you as someone they cannot trust, they dislike you, they want to avoid you, they have heard / believe negative gossip about you. In addition, it can reveal that they only want a very superficial or sexual relationship with no emotional involvement.

The Lovers in Business and Career

Because the Lovers card is all about relationships, these concepts presented here easily translate from love relationships to business relationships and usually, once again, involve duality, the balance of choices and decisions. 

The Lovers Upright:   It could indicate that in a business/ work dilemma, you must decide between opposing views and speak your truth as you see it, with courage. Overall, when this card is revealed upright in a business reading, The Lovers card tells you to really look at your options and listen to your inner spiritual wisdom, as indicated by the Angel Raphael, the Healer, on the card. Chances are, you will have a good outcome, especially if the surrounding cards are positive.

If the Querent has accepted a new job, the future will look bright for he and the potential employer, In an environment of mental health, fairness, good opportunities and mutual cooperation.  In addition, this business is most likely offering true value to its customers and clients.

The Lovers Card Reversed: In business, the reversed Lovers card can mean buyer’s remorse on the part of the querent who is experiencing a disillusionment when, after the newness of this position, things are not as not as initially expected. This Lovers card reversed in Business and Career can also mean stress, conflict, red flags, negative competition, someone spreading negative gossip or trying to undermine you. It can also mean that the querent has to make a tough decision, one in which the involving sacrifice or compromise, is a case where no one wins.

In summary, the Lovers Card is always helpful, be it positive or negative, and, at times, brings good news…  But like love itself, it can be complicated!


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Therese is a professional psychic and Tarot card reader for over 30 years, having joined Psychic Source in 1999. Growing up, Therese encountered several high-level readers and educators, who mentored her along her spiritual journey. They not only taught Therese to further recognize the messages that came in, but they also introduced her to the study of Eastern Thought, Buddhism, Contemporary Western Seers, and Jungian Psychology.

As a truth seeker, and a student of human nature, Therese received a Master’s Degree in Psychology, to further understand how trauma and even past lives, can affect our brain chemistry, our future, and how we view the world and ourselves. Therese also learned how her own path towards enlightenment and peace would be achieved through connection with the higher realms and living life in a way that heals the psyche.

Therese has helped people from all walks of life to clarify confusion, uncover hidden obstacles and help formulate new strategies for the seeker, in questions of love, relationships, career or spiritual paths.


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