Spend Your Time With the People You Enjoy

Published Date 11/29/2018
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Spend your time with good friends

If up to now you've just passively accumulated friends, you may want to take stock of the people you hang out with. Do they add value to your life? Are they there for you when the chips are down? Do you even like them? If you silently wish you could call the psychic hotline for a spell to make all your toxic friendships magically vanish, it's time to surround yourself with people you enjoy spending time with.

Quit the Misguided Loyalty

You've had a best friend since kindergarten, but somewhere along the line something changed — either you or them. Perhaps you no longer even like the person they've become. However, you can't bring yourself to decline an invitation to their next birthday party. Remaining friends with someone out of a sense of obligation or misguided loyalty is just ridiculous. People grow apart. It happens. If you feel the friendship offers no real value anymore, it's time to move on.

Who We Spend Time With Can Make or Break Us

Renowned businessman Jim Rohn has said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It's true that we tend to adopt the behavior, thoughts, habits, and lifestyle of the people we hang out with. If most of your friends are health conscious, you're likely to make healthier choices as well. If you associate with achievers and successful people, you'll start absorbing many of their philosophies and want to emulate them. So choose your friends wisely; their contribution to your life is bigger than you think. 

Friends Are Good for Your Happiness

While we all need time out to recharge our batteries, spending too much time alone is not good either. It's also easy to get caught up in the daily demands of life and neglect our friendships. Good friends are hard to find. If you do find some quality friends, make sure you continue to invest in the friendships. Friendships are important for your physical and mental health. Friends bring fun to your life and provide support in times of sorrow. It's proven that older people who continue to spend time with friends tend to live longer and more fulfilling lives.

Avoid Emotional Vampires

If your tarot readings constantly warn about a toxic friendship, take heed. Some friends are constantly negative, heavy laden with problems, and need constant attention. You only hear from them when they're looking for a willing ear to listen to them bemoan their lot in life. If this sounds familiar, then you don't have a friend; you have an emotional vampire. Emotional vampires drain your energy and suck the life right out of you. You're just a sounding board. After speaking to them, your mood has soured and your day has gone from happy to miserable.

Negative people bring us down while positive people lift us up. Life really is short. Spend your time in good company and avoid negative and toxic relationships. You'll be happier for it.


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