Soothing Ways to Explain the Death of a Pet to Your Child

Published Date 11/15/2014
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Comforting your child can help with understanding.

Comforting your child can help with understanding.

The death of a pet is hard on everyone, because your pets are part of your family. However, this loss is especially hard on children who are too young to understand the permanency of death. Explaining that their furry friend has passed on, or will soon be gone, requires a lot of kindness, compassion, and forethought, but you can help your child understand and cope with the pain.

Don't Lie

As a parent, you naturally want to protect your child from pain. It's tempting to keep your child protected from the big, bad world outside. As a result, you might feel it's better to tell a little white lie. “We had to send Boots the cat to a big farm,” you might say. You might fib and say that your child's beloved dog ran away. Don't do that. It's so much better if you're honest and forthright. Your child will remember these lies, and later, once they realize what actually happened, they'll have to deal with the grief again.

Contact a Pet Psychic for Understanding

A pet psychic can help you and your child in several ways. First, you can visit by yourself to discuss different techniques for telling your child what's happening. Pet psychics are well-versed in dealing with these difficult events, and yours can help you talk to your child.

Inviting your child along to the reading is also beneficial. The psychic can help your child reach closure by delivering messages. If your pet is sick but not yet dead, your animal communicator can help your child understand that his or her pet is in pain and seeking peace.

Prepare Your Child

To that end, you should prepare your child in advance if you know your pet is dying. Let him or her know that your animal is suffering, and that it might not live for much longer. This is extremely hard, but it's also necessary. Preparation is better than sudden changes, especially for children.

Explain the Facts

If putting your pet to sleep is the next logical step, you need to explain that to your child as well. Do so in plain language, but don't use euphemisms. Your child needs to understand what this means, but he or she also needs to understand that it's the best, kindest course of action. Tell your child that your pet is suffering and that he or she won't get better. Make your child understand that peace will make the pet happy.

Let Your Child Say Goodbye

If your pet isn't yet dead, a chance to say goodbye is imperative. Give the two of them some time alone, and let your child grieve. Even if your pet is already gone, however, your child can still say goodbye. Organize a memorial for your animal, and have a ceremony to bid farewell.

Don't Rush into Getting a New Pet

You shouldn't rush into getting a new pet. Everyone needs time to grieve. At some point, however, you'll want to get a new pet, but make sure it's the right time. An authentic psychic reading can help with this as well. Let him or her know how everyone feels, and where you all are in the grieving process.

Losing a pet hurts everyone, but your children are particularly affected. With these tips you can help then through the process. 

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