Should You Confront a Jealous Friend?

Published Date 8/3/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

How to confront a jealous friend

You might have a good friend who always gives you a shoulder to lean on, but what happens if she begins to exhibit signs of jealousy? It can be challenging to get along with someone who seemingly always has a sense of bitterness about her.

One sign that your friend may be jealous is that she constantly counteracts your positivity with negativity, according to If she also hasn't been showing as much support for your endeavors as of late compared to the past, this may be a symptom of a green-eyed monster.

So what do you do when you've determined that your friend is feeling a little slighted? First, you might want to talk to her and show her that you still have respect for her aspirations as well. Next, distance yourself if her negativity doesn't stop - you don't need to let her bring you down.

Finally, speak to your psychic advisor for guidance. An online psychic reading can help you see the situation from your friend's point of view. In the end, this may be able to help you relate to her and resolve her bitterness.


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