Sexual Telepathy: Sensing Your Partner's Needs From Far Away

Published Date 8/22/2018
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Practice Sexual Telepathy to deepen your connection in and out of the bedroom.

The best couples feel like two halves of one whole. They don't need to always share their emotions, because they intuitively know how each other is feeling. Their connections are so strong they don't need to be close to know their partners are in pain, in trouble, and even … aroused. The phenomenon is called sexual telepathy, and it might be more common than you think.

What Is Sexual Telepathy?

Sexual telepathy is the transfer of sexual energy, thoughts, and emotions from one person's mind to another. Using sexual telepathy, a person can communicate sexually with his or her partner without ever touching them or saying a word.

Can Anyone Practice Sexual Telepathy?

As with any form of telepathy, anyone can potentially practice sexual telepathy. However, some people find sexual telepathy easier to master than others. Some couples may find they naturally have sexual telepathy. Other couples may need to work harder to communicate telepathically on a sexual level.

How Do I Practice Sexual Telepathy?

Believing you can communicate telepathically with your partner is a key part of the process. If you're skeptical, you'll put up subconscious barriers that make this kind of communication virtually impossible.

Meditating clears your mind and primes it to send and receive sexual messages telepathically. Earplugs or headphones playing white noise can also help you shut out the external world and put you in the right state for sexual telepathy.

While you're practicing, you might like to try to read one another's thoughts while you're at home. Try asking questions or saying sexy things to your partner in your mind and getting them to respond. If you can master this technique while you're together, sexual telepathy while you're apart is the next logical step.

If you're still struggling, a live psychic chat may help you. Live psychics can help you hone your own psychic sensitivities, which you'll use for sexual telepathy.

What Are the Benefits of Sexual Telepathy?

Sexual telepathy is a wonderful way to add spice to your relationship and stay connected while you're apart. Think of it like the mental equivalent of phone sex or a saucy text message. Engage in sexual telepathy while you're each at work or traveling separately, and you'll be desperate to come home to one another.

Connected couples aren't just sending sexy sentences telepathically. They're also engaging in telepathic sex. Practitioners say this sex happens just like physical sex, except that it occurs when you're apart. Without physical touch to rely on, people who have telepathic sex must use their minds and combined energies to caress, kiss, and even have intercourse with their partners.

Some couples experience sexual telepathy instinctively while others have to work a little harder. Practice this skill to deepen your connection in and out of the bedroom.


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