Seven ways for finding more independence in your marriage

Published Date 1/2/2020
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Five ways for finding more independence in your marriage

Once you tie the knot and settle down with the love of your life, you may become a little too comfortable with relying on your partner. This happens to many people in relationships, but independence and a sense of self is necessary to keep your marriage healthy and strong. Here are some key tips for improving the situation and instituting positive change.

1. Allow him to pursue his own endeavors
You likely don't have all of the same interests in your spouse. When your husband is off doing something he enjoys, Marie Claire magazine recommends taking a step back. Use these opportunities to spend time doing something you find exciting. 

2. Take breaks from each other
This might entail going away with your girlfriends for a weekend or taking a night to yourself in order to indulge in some of your favorite hobbies. According to iVillage, doing so can give you and your spouse a fresh perspective once you reunite. Spending time with other people can also reduce the chances of you getting too overwhelmed by each other's company on a frequent basis.

3. Have confidence
If you constantly need to ask your husband to run errands for you or fix little things around the house, there's room for improvement. It requires more work, but in the end, you'll be proud of yourself and how independent you've become.

4. Make dates with yourself
It may seem a little strange, but claims that making "me" dates can do wonders for your sense of independence in your marriage. Whether you take a trip to the art museum or spend the day at the mall, you'll feel a world of difference once you step back from your relationship.

5. Reduce texts, calls and emails
As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Take a technology break for a few days or even weeks and see if it helps you bond more when you're together. While it may be difficult to put your phone down, try your best and you'll be happier with your relationship in the end.

6. Pursue your passions
As you find more ways to be independent and discover your inner self, Hitched magazine states that it's best to pursue your passions This way, you'll feel more fulfilled and whole, which can benefit your marriage over time.

7. Encourage your spouse to get away
Your hubby might need a little space of his own. Encourage him to spend the weekend with his buddies or enjoy a solo overnight camping trip, if that's his thing. This can help him regain a sense of independence and give him the opportunity to take a step back from the relationship. While he's on his own, you'll also have a prime chance to focus on your own independent endeavors. 

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