Sensuality According to Birthdate by Psychic Venus

Published Date 2/25/2019
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What's your sensuality number?

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We are each free to express and explore our own sensuality, and to gratify the senses. We can achieve that either by listening to soft music, enjoying an intimate dinner, experiencing a massage, etc.… Sensuality is intimately related to sexuality - which leads to erotic-physical exchange.

I emphasize numbers, not only as a divinatory system, but as a deep approach based on the mathematical foundations of the ancient school of Pythagoras. In that and similar schools, numbers were studied in their contribution to the past, present and future, as well as in their influence in all and in everything.

Each number contains a cosmic vibration. It responds and corresponds to its association with other numbers, including their positive and negative aspects.

For example, if we focus on the influence of numbers on sensuality, we would note the following:

Those born on a 1, 10, 19 or 28, in general, tend to have a direct, open and rather dominant way of expressing sensuality. They are passionate, intense and very willing to explore everything new. They seek incessantly to take the initiative and they like to receive the intensity with which they surrender.

Those born on a 2, 11, or 29, being very sensitive, prefer to be treated with tenderness and complete attention. They enjoy an intimacy that goes beyond the physical and that encompasses more subtle planes.

Those born on a 3, 12, 21 or 30, love the exchange without restrictions. The sense of humor, the innate creativity and the charismatic personality that they possess, induces them to maintain a vibrant and bubbling sensuality.

Those born on a 4, 13, 22 or 31, tend to have a reserved nature. But with the passage of time, their sensuality is expressed in a systematic, detailed way, with a sense of complete devotion and uniqueness.

Those born on a 5, 14, or 23—being extremely creative—like variety in their expression, and are distinguished by an irresistible sensuality, which highlights eloquence and versatility.

Those born on a 6, 15 or 24, are very loving, tender and possessive although at the same time, they share a magnetic sensuality—even an insatiable one—but within the context of loyalty.

Those born on a 7, 16 or 25, consider privacy sacred, and prefer to separate the intimate from the external. Their expression of sensuality has a great spiritual content, which intensifies when there is a mutual and total surrender.

Those born on an 8, 17 or 26, as a general feature, being of a demanding nature with themselves and their partner, tend to have an absorbing sensuality but possess a great personal magnetism, which transmits intensity and passion.

And finally, those born on a 9, 18 or 27, are endowed with an exquisite capacity for discernment and integration of the physical-mental-spiritual, and possess a romantic, touching sensuousness.

These brief reviews offer a general guide on the sensual tendencies of ourselves and our intimate partners. Sensuality is only one of innumerable other aspects that is taken into account in a psychic reading, and numbers are relevant in other contexts, as well.  How do measure up based on your day of birth when it comes to your level of sensuality? 

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