Seasons Change: Three Ways to Identify Your Reason, Season and Lifetime People by Psychic Savanah

Published Date 12/6/2016
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Lifetime friends are truly special to have by your side!

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Some of the people in our lives are here to stay. However not all are created equal hence the idea of thinking of them in terms of “reason” “season” and “lifetime. Confused? Don’t worry it will all become clear in a moment.

For starters, let’s quickly define the three groups. First, the “reason” group are usually the ones who leave our lives with a blazing bridge behind them, having prompted you to make life changes. The “season” people usually have a lesson to teach us, a helping hand to give us or love to share when we need it most. The “lifetime” people are the ones with whom we feel the most ourselves. There is no pretense, only love.

Here are a few ways to identify who may be in it for the long hall, the short hall, or the detention hall:

Your interaction is somewhat limited to context. You engage with each other only as “student and teacher” or lovers without much but sexual chemistry, and so on.  You don't usually tell them much about your personal life and conversation is limited to what you have in common.

You may likely end up feeling hurt when the relationship is over. Sometimes it’s a very strong life lesson and often makes you soul search or reevaluate your life choices. These people can lead to new paths toward positive goals. The also bring up issues of vulnerability. You’ll recognize a “reason” person when you are compelled to post quotes on social media like “What you accept becomes your standard” or “No one can hurt you without your consent.”

The word “convenient” is perfect for describing a “season” person in your life. You share many interests, can talk about many things and confide some things to each other. You may have a relationship that is convenient, helping BOTH of you achieve some immediate goals. You care very much for each other.

A “season” person helps you to discover new things about yourself, your comparable interests will motivate you to do many things and they most likely introduce you to new ideas and ventures. When it is time to go your separate ways, you are not angry or hurt. You recognize it as a turn of the page of life and wish them well with your blessing. Should you cross paths again, you will pick up where you left off and feel all the joys of the reunion. You will always be grateful for their presence in your life. 

The “lifetime” people possess all of the positive attributes of the “season” people, but with a permanence, a commitment to each other that transcends convenience, time or context. You can tell them everything and anything without fear of judgement or betrayal and you know each other better than most others.

You don’t have to be particular about the things you say or how you say them because you know that they won’t think less of you, receive it in a way you didn’t mean or get angry. You always have a sense that you’ve known each other “forever”, in this life and past lives. You are completely comfortable with them and feel genuine love without conditions.

So there it is, this Psychic Medium’s take on the “reason, season, lifetime” quandary. They all serve our better good and it’s normal and healthy to have a mix of all three involved in your life. Have gratitude for each person that helps us to evolve and never take for granted a person who shows you genuine interest, caring and love.

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