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Published Date 7/24/2017
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Stay Safe When Online Dating

Things happen fast in our new social media, online dating world. The time between receiving a response on your profile and responding with a follow up text or email can be just a couple of hours - hardly enough time to do a through vetting. And profiles can be notoriously faked. Still there are clues No photo? Pass. Photo that looks too good to be true? Potentially fake. Even the way a dating profile is written can provide clues as to whether the person on the other side is real and safe, or trouble. So what do you do? 

What can a psychic tell you about an online dating prospect?
While it's easy for people to hide behind fake profiles, a psychic can help you look behind the words and images to the real person behind the profile.
  • Use a trusted Advisor as a sounding board to share the profile of your prospect and what stands out for you. A psychic can read your energy and sense your potential blind spots, and also pick up on the energy of your prospective date. He or she can advise you regarding what to expect, and how to prepare. 
  • If you've started communicating with this person, sharing a little about how that is going with your Advisor can make the psychic impressions even stronger. 

What are some safety tips for dating someone you met online?
Basic safety tips for meeting an online date for the first time are really no different than meeting a stranger for the first time. Always meet in public and have your own transportation to and from the venue. Tell a friend about the date - who you're meeting and where. Keep personal items with you at tall times and don't divulge details like your address or phone number which can be easily traced. (Get a Google phone number to mask your real number and use this for texting and calling). Above and away the most important safety tip is to trust your instincts in the moment, and use a friend or a psychic Advisor as a sounding board after the date to ensure you didn't miss any important information about the person you met.

When it comes to online dating, do your homework and read between the lines! 


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