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Published Date 7/5/2019
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Is it time for a romantic getaway?

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Sometimes we get so busy taking care of the minutiae of life that we overlook our romance, becoming complacent, we neglect our ourselves and our partners. Summertime is a great time to put the spark back in your relationship!

This month let Mercury Retrograde and Mars in Leo take you for a walk down memory lane. 

Mars in Leo
Mars, signifying passion and forward motion entered Leo July 1, the communication planet entered Leo June 26 and began its retrograde phase July 7, making cozy conjunction with passionate Mars July 8.

Mercury in daring Leo inspires the sort of sexy, sassy communications that promise a bit of fun or a lot of drama (take your pick).  All is fair whether you are sending or receiving, know that it's a frolic and all in joy at the end of the day.  The planet Mars represents passion, action, and sexuality, and it is as much about love as it is involved with creating chaos. 

Putting the Passion Back
Mercury's connection with Mars infuses us with the determination to honor our relationships. An energy well suited for long-standing unions. It's all about putting the passion back into your relationship. Reminiscing about the vacation took earlier in the year, or even several years ago summons thoughts of the next romantic getaway. You still love each other; it's just that between the kids, work, and bills you forget to honor the relationship.  

The key is to move with this energy. When we embrace change, it becomes a welcome companion. Mercury Retrograde in Leo wants to talk and talk, with not much planning to back up the sweetly said promises. Anchored more firmly, you can share your best ideas and expect cooperation. Plan something special for just the two of you, it can be simple, but be true to yourself. After all, Mercury, in Leo, encourages individuality expression, and bold, dramatic movement; let your inner romantic flourish.

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together!

Bright blessings,

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