Regain Confidence with These 6 Affirmations for New Fathers

Published Date 6/18/2015
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

She's lucky to have you as her dad

It's common for a new dad to fear that he won't do a good job as a father. Balancing life with fatherhood is hard work. But if you’re monitoring and building your parenting skills and enjoying your children, you’ll probably find that you are doing an excellent job! And as you improve and take in the joys of fatherhood, you’ll feel your children’s trust and love, and your confidence will grow.

Here are six affirmations to remember as you manage the challenging but rewarding journey through fatherhood.

"You Are a Better Dad Today Than You Were Yesterday"

Every day brings new challenges and new lessons about being a parent, and as you learn through those challenges, you become a better parent. If you made a mistake today, learn from it, then release it. The next time you’re faced with a similar situation, you will handle it with more wisdom than before.

"You Deserve the Love Your Family Gives You"

Sometimes self-doubt can trigger guilt. When you feel yourself struggling with these feelings, you might want to speak with an authentic psychic for guidance. And as you resolve these issues and continue to build strong, loving relationships with your children, they will see that and you will know that you deserve the love your family gives you.

"Someday My Kids Will Thank Me for Being a 'Mean Daddy'"

Today, you understand that your dad was not being mean when he practiced tough love. Someday your kids will also understand this. Teaching your kids real world expectations is being a good parent, and as the old saying goes, “it hurts you more than it hurts them.” Teaching and correcting your kids today will help them succeed in the real world, and they will be grateful to you for your loving guidance.

"Your Blessings are in Abundance"

Just look at your beautiful family! You are lucky to have them, and they are lucky to have you. Soak up every detail in your daughter's smile and your son's spirit, and, as they continue to grow and mature, remind them just how important they are to you.

"You Are Tougher Than You Think"

Some days are hard, but don’t let that throw you. You will prevail! On those challenging days, try contacting an online psychic to help guide you through, especially if you’re experiencing doubt. With the right kind of support and understanding, you’ll often find a strength within yourself that you didn’t realize was there.

You Are a Successful Dad

Just look at how your children are thriving! Their confidence grows each day because of you. You encourage them to believe that nothing is impossible, and, because of you, they are strong, resourceful, and loving human beings.

You will make mistakes, and there will be disappointments, but just remember these affirmations and recite them every day. As you continue to build your bond with your children, they will love you regardless of mishaps along the way. Today you are a great dad and tomorrow you will be even better. Remember that!


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