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Published Date 3/13/2017
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Use perfume to create your own personal scent.

Almost everyone knows that scent has the power to stir memories. We often forget about this powerful sense, however, because we tend to rely so heavily on our sight and sound. Take a look at how you can wield the power of scent to improve your life and relationships.

Why Scent Matters

If you look at the biology behind a human’s sense of smell, you can see why it’s so closely connected to memories. In an article from the Telegraph, Katherine Frizoni, skin care research and development manager at Dove, noted that the part of the brain that detects scents is located within the limbic system. This is the gray matter area that’s associated with memories.

What it Means to Leverage Scents

When you leverage the sense of smell, you’re able to bring up certain memories. You can use them to engage in a process of emotional healing. By smelling a particular brand of laundry detergent, for instance, you might recall helping your mother fold sheets as a child. Reliving these moments and talking to a psychic medium can help an adult who’s grieving the loss of her parent gain a sense of peace.

Take a whiff of the cologne that someone with whom you had a relationship used to wear. When you’re missing that person, you can use the scent to bring back happy memories of your time together.

Experience Healing Through Scents

As you stir your recollections of past events, you might want to talk to your therapist, a friend, or an online psychic to help you sort through the array of emotions they produce. By reliving some of these memories, you might be able to deal with the unresolved anger or sadness you still feel toward certain people. Alternately, you might find yourself reliving the joys and excitement of the past. This kind of journey helps you bring clarity to the past so you can live each day with a more positive outlook on life.

Using Scents in Your Life

Scents are exclusively about the past. As you incorporate them into your daily routine, scents begin to have a positive impact on your life in the present. For example, you can burn a candle with a favorite smell to remind your significant other of a time when you had a romantic encounter. You can also use a spritz on your body daily to create a signature scent that people associate positively with you. When someone you love is sad or grieving, you can light a candle or bake something in the kitchen to create a comforting smell.

Whether you want to use scents to deal with your past or to impact your future, there are several ways you can harness this powerful tool to improve your life.


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